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The important terms of pern

Agenothree: a common chemical on Pern, HNO3. It is used in flame-throws to produce a charring gas that burns Thread.

Between: an area of nothingness and sensory deprivation between here and there. A dragon may go between and come out in a different location.

Day Sisters: a trio of stars visible from Pern.

Dragonet: this term here does NOT mean female dragon it MEANS young dragon nothing else

Firestone: a phosphine-bearing mineral which dragons chew to produce flame.

Flitts: Their proper name is fire-lizards, the name originally given to them by Sorka, who discovered them among the first settlers. They are actually almost exactly like miniature dragons, their DNA being the basis of the process that engineered dragons. They are small, usually an arms length at full growth, growing up in a matter of weeks. They have thiner and streamlined bodies than those of dragons, and can only communicate by pictures. Flitts are extreemly intelligent, though don't always understand humans. They come in the same colors of dragons, and develope unique personalities, Impressing anyone of their choice.

Glow: a light-source which can be carried in a hand-basket.

HAD: Hear All Dragons. They are able to hear what other rider's dragon's speak. There are only a few who are able to hear Gold Dragons.

HAF: Hear All Flits. They are able to understand what flits are saying, without the use of images.

Harpers: the teachers and entertainers. They educate the young in the hall, hold, and weyr. The Masterharper is responsible for training the younger harpers, the appointment of harpers to Weyr, hold, and hall, and the discipline of the harpers.

Hold: a place where the common people live; originally they were cut into the mountains and hillsides.

Impression: the joining of minds of a dragon and his rider-to-be at the moment of the dragon's hatching.

Interval: the period of time between passes, normally 200 turns.

Klah: a hot stimulating drink made of tree bark and tasting faintly of cinnamon.

Numbweed: a medicinal cream which, when smeared on wounds, kills all feeling; used as an anesthetic.

Pass: a period of time during which the Red Star is close enough to drop Thread on Pern.

Pern: third of the star Rukbat's five planets. It has two natural satellites.

Red Star: Pern's stepsister planet. It has an erratic orbit.

Rukbat: a yellow star in the Sagittarian Sector, Rukbat has five planets and two asteriod belts.

Runnerbeast: also, "runner". An animal adapted to Pern's conditions. There are racing, farm working beasts, and placid riding types that are distinctly bred for these conditions.

Sevenday: a week on pern

Thread: spores from the Red Star, which descend on Pern and burrow into it, devouring all organic material they encounter.

Turn: a Pernese year.

Watch-dragon: the dragon whose rider has pulled a watch duty on the Weyr roster. A watch is generally 4 hours long. During a Pass, they watch for any erratic Threadfall that might, by chance, occur. Also watch for anyone entering or leaving the Weyr.

Weyr: a home of dragons and their riders.

weyr: a dragon's den

Weyrleader: The rider of the dragon that has mated to the queen of the Weyrwoman during her flight. The Weyrleader is in charge of the fighting wings of the Weyr, responsible for their conduct during Falls, and the discipline of all riders.

Weyrsinger: the harper for the dragonriders, usually a dragonrider him or herself

Weyrwoman: the rider of a dragon queen, and co-leader of the Weyr, along with the Weyrleader. She is responsible of the conduct of the Queen's wing during Fall, under the Weyrleaders orders; for the care of the dragons, riders, and all Weyrfolk; and for the peace and tranquility during Intervals. She appoints all subordinants, insures that all tithes are delivered and collected, and mediates all disputes except honor contests among riders. As any dragon or rider will obey the queen dragon of the Weyrwoman, or the weyrwoman herself, she is one of the most powerful people on Pern.

Jr. Weyrwoman: is a female dragonrider who rides a gold.

Jr. Weyrleader: is a male dragonrider who has flown the queen of the Jr. Weyrwoman

Wherries: a type of fowl roughly resembling the domestic turkey of Earth, but about the size of an Ostrich.

Wingleader: The dragonrider in command of a Weyr's fighting wing, the Wingleader is in charge of all the fighting wings, usually in the main one.

Wingsecond: the dragonrider second in command to the Wingleader.

Wingthird: the dragonrider third in command to the Wingleader.

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