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Thses are dark_daisuke's charries

Name: Daiki Aleron Rytalliac Sakarou
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Rank: Candidate
Personality: Very innocent, he's pretty clueless about many things otherwise obvious to other people. Shy, he tends to keep to himself and is easily embarrassed when attention is focused on him. If he's one on one with someone, he's pretty nice, but will spazz if someone tries to tell him he's wrong, for he believes very strongly in many things. He's fiercely organized and likes routines, giving him a tendency to not relax much. When he gets free time, however, he does the unexpected and goes outside, often thinking (gasp) and drawing pretty good landscapes.
Description: Dirty blonde hair with reddish areas, he has brown eyes and a very young look about him. His hair is short, and so is he, making him tend to dislike tall people out of jealousy.
Preference: hetro
Other: Allergic to dogs XD

Name: K'neo
Age: 17 turns
Gender: Male
Rank: Candidate/can be a healer
Very outgoing and talkative, he tends to be friendly to a point, but grows more sarcastic as time goes on. Acting on his emotions rather than thinking things through, he often does things on an impulse and can be very spontaneous in both words and actions. He's a very determined guy and stands up for what he thinks is right, no matter what. When someone is hurt, though, he seems to become another person, and is substantially quieter and less crazy, as he takes any task he is given, no matter how small, very seriously.
Appearance: Having a dark complexion goes well with his short, dark brown hair with long bangs framing the sides of his face and his dark hazel eyes. He more often than not attains a relaxed slouch in his posture, which immediately straightens up if he's given a task. He's around 5'6" and weighs around 135 lbs.
Pets: none
Rp'd by: dark_daisuke

Name: Ryuuko
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Rank: Candidate
Personality: Sorta happy go lucky, she can get very cold and distant sometimes, and often is said to have split personalities as she tends not to be able to remember a lot of things. Often very shy and untrusting when you first meet her, she becomes a very loyal and protecting friend when you earn her trust.
Description: Brown hair with red in it, large blue eyes, short, and young looking for her age.
Pets: Stumpy, a Brown flitt
Rp'd by: dark_daisuke

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