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These are soulianis_and_rahm's charries

Name: Lysmork
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Rank: Full Rider
Personality: Lys tries to be nice, she really does. She ends up always though, getting along with the less than reputable far better than the decent people. However, she rarely drinks (in most lives) and doesn't believe in petty theft or anything she would consider below her. And she considers allot below her... o_o; She remembers her past perfectly, though is less than likely to share it with random strangers. She has most likely out-survived Ranoth the gold... As even I don't really want to bring her back. ... o_o; Even if it were an allowed thing.So in short, she's a little bit bitter about losing something that marked her above others... As well as the bond she'd had. This would help explain her feelings towards people a bit.
Description: Lys has plain, silvery grey eyes, and recently cut, brown, black, silver, gold, mottled-colored hair. Now it is in a slightly lower than chin-length bob-cut on a gentle angle. Her face is decently shaped and well accented by this haircut, and is thin without being sickly, as is most of the rest of her. Quite often, though she either manages to look graceful of horribly gangling. Her dress varies from.... Dresses, skirts, and pants... She also enjoys capes and usually runs around being quite cliche while doning them. Most often, she just has a plain dress with a few strange straps atattched to this. Sor this area, I'd assume they're weyrhide.
Pets: Feydon - Idiotic greyish-tan mottled mutt dog.
Dragon: Hold on, I know it... ^^"
Preference: none or all.
Other: Lys... As is probably to old to bond to a dragon, and has seen one die, would probably like a watch-wher. She likes those anyways. Or maybe a creepy woodland animal. Maybe she'll find a ...friend and decide they'll be her pet. Wether they want to or not... o_o; I hope she doesn't turn out that psychotic..... >_o;

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