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Dragon Colors

Crystal ~ The queen of the weyr. Her hide is that like no other dragon and is of a crystaline hue. When she moves it's as if every other dragon color is reflected in her hide. They are the most important of all the dragons in the weyr, making the large portion of the clutching. Her clutches range anywhere from 10 eggs to over 25 but it is not certain how many she will clutch each time, it seems more like a mystery. Though she is the queen her size.... lacks in some strange way. Though she is still the larges of the females her size would be small compared to that of the Tiger's Eye.

Aquamarine ~ Aqumarine, known as the 'second queen' of the weyr. Their hides are of a beautiful blue~green hue, shining and shimmering in the light. The interesting thing about their color is that it almost seems transparent, as if you could see right through it if you tried hard enough. Though they aren't very fast their stamina cannot be matched. If you were asked to go for a flying match, see who could fly the longest, the Aquamarine would always win. When they impress they usually take the longest, most of the time longer than any Crystal. Though when they do choose it's always a perfect match.

Tiger's Eye ~ The 'kings' of the weyr. Due to the Tiger's Eye great size, speed and agility they are the ones most likely to catch a Crystal in rising. Their hides are of a black and orange hue. The main color being black and the orange placed on in random stripes. Tiger's Eyes are very regal, proud members of the weyr. They usually impress upon those who have leadership qualities or just those with thick heads. They know of their authority and will flaunt it at any possible moment, wanting everyone to know, and remember.

Obsidian ~ The second highest ranking males of the weyr. Along with Tiger's Eyes, Obsidians are second largest, still larger than the Crystals but not by much. Their hide is a shiny blue~black that seems to change from dark blue to black each time they move. Their wings are very unique as their shorter than their fully body span, yet they can fly faster than a Tiger's Eye. Even though they are small and faster their no where near as agile, that's where they usually loose in a mating flight. They can fly every color but don't usually, being out~flown by other, more agile colors.

Jade ~ One of the mose unique and intersting dragons around. The Jade dragonets have three different shades that they can come in: Green, Light Blue and White. The green is the most common while the white is least common and usually can't break free from their shells. Jades come in both genders, the males impressing males and females impressing females. Male and female White Jades do not mate, preferring not to. It is not known why only those that are white Jade's don't mate but that is hoped to be solved soon.

Ruby ~ The most common of all dragonets in the weyr. Usually, like the old greens, they make up the main part of the weyr. Although they rise and are able to clutch it is not allowed, as they clutch only up to 3 eggs and basicly all of them are Rubys. They are very snooty, or hyper dragon's usually doing things without thinking about what might happen after. Although their only females they can impress both males and females alike. At least one male Ruby rider will come per hatching, making that male rider 'unique' in a ways.

Pearl ~ Another fairly common dragon. Their hides seem white when they first hatch, most mistaking them for a white Jade. After emerging though you can tell that their hide's aren't entirly white, but it seems more dirty white or a very pale cream color. They are very vain, proud dragonets, thinking them better than any other. Perls rise the most often in the weyr, the most being 5 times in one turn. Though they do rise, like Ruby's, their not allowed to clutch. ((The weyr would be overrun by Pearl's and Ruby's.. 0.o;;)) They only impress females, usually the more shy, quiet ones which doesn't exactly make sense but.. meh!

Coral~ One of the rarest of all the dragons in Shimmering Height's. Their hides are like no other's, a mix of light pinks, purples, white's and some light blues. They are mixed together like a beautiful sunset and it seems as if it changes each time they move. Coral dragons are only female but are sterile, meaning they don't clutch. They do rise though and have some of the longest flights, they like to really wear down the males.. ^^ Due to them being female they only impress females who are quiet or have had past trauma's.

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