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June 19th

September 17th, 2003

I need to add new updates here more often.. ^^" Anyways, the hatching has started and already 5 dragonet's have been impressed! *jumps for joy* YAY!

*cough* Moving on... There are 3 characters up for adoption now and I hope that they won't stay that way for long... *glares at everyone* Well, I'm sure everyone wants them.. ^^"

I'm planning on having contests and other things for the guild. There will soon be a poll up on that, after the current one is done but I do hope everyone helps if we do decide to have them... *more glaring*

^^" Other than that, nothing much to say! Other than more pages soon along with a flit page! ^.^ Have fun!

August 30th, 2003

Well, Delia is no longer the only person at Crystal Cloud! Some candidates have come to give the weyr new hope! Now that there are 5 candidates there are only 7 needed until all dragonets will be matched.

A barracks page has been added to the website, which will give you a chance to look at the rest of the characters information so it'll be easier to roleplay. ^^" Plus a history page is up, so that you can find out what happened to the weyr to result in the way it is now.

August 15th, 2003

The guild has re-started! A clutch of 12 is on the sands and candidates are needed! There is no weywoman for everyone to know and only a long Weyrfolk girl, Delia. She's the one keeping track of the eggs as the dying mother protects them.

Adoptable Characters