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Welcome to the Crystal Cloud Weyr website. Here you will get updates about the website and find other things to do. I have finished many new sections, including an adoptions section. You can adopt characters, candidates and mabye even weyrlings and full riders. Please feel free to look around and if you new please check out the guild!

~Quick News~

Well, we have our first Weyrwoman and Jr. Weyrwoman! *smiles* The Weyrwoman is Delia and our Jr. Weyrwoman is Edge, congradulations to both! The clutch has hatched, with one new color of a dragon that will be added to the colors page shortly.

The barracks page has been updated, and hopefully it's easier to navigate on. There are also new adoptable characters.. *cries*

The pet's pages is updated along with a new page about marks, somewhere on the site.. 0.o"

Now that we have full riders we have room for the subcouncil. *points to the N.E of the page* see that? Apply, NOW

Weyr Subcouncil
I.Weyrling Master Open
II.Candidate Master Open
III.Search Rider(s) Open
IV.Headwoman Open
V.Watchdragon Open

Do you want any of these positions? Neomail jedzia_dax with why you think you should! ^.^