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Jedzia: Well I guess you can tell what will be on this page... ^^ Keep checking back!!

*Wufei walks in and glares at Jedzia* Onna! You are weak! You can't even introduce a page properly! You ca-*

Jedzia: Oh hush Wufei! Just do your job! *rolls eyes and walks away*

Wufei: Humph! *watches Jedzia leave. When she does he turns back around* Now that she's gone I can get to work! I'm here to keep you updated on the webmistress' progres. *snorts* Not that she does anything...

*A voice is heard from somewhere* Wufei!

Wufei: Fine! Ok.. here are the updates:

January 23rd

Just like that stupid onna to just get up and leave the site... *glares* But I'm sure your all happy to hear that she's finally come back. *rolls eyes*
Well, not much has changed, she's added chapters 3 and 4 to Drinking Games but she still needs more fics. More pictures have been added and that's about it. *snorts and walks away*

October 5th

Jedzia has added another section, the miscellaneous section. There you can find random things that don't matter much..
There has been another fanfic added, Drinking Games Both chapter 1 and 2 are up and 3 and 4 will be comming shortly. She STILL needs more fic's so keep them comming.

September 30

There have been quite a few new sections added, including the updates and links.
Jedzia has finally mannaged to get a fanfic on the website. *mumbles under breath* Took her long enough... *speaks normally again* So you now have something more to do.
That's it for this time. Onna says she needs more fanfics... I personally don't think so but..
*Jedzia walks in and glares at Wufei* Keep your comments to yourself and just do your job! *turns around and storms off* Humph! Well that's it for now. Until later.. *turns and walks off*