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*You walk over to a large stack of papers lying in a neat stack on the ground. You decide to pick them up, curious. On them you find that Jedzia has writing about herself, probably just so you can read it! Smiling, you start to read*

~Jedzia's Info~

Nickname: Jedzia
Real Name: Ashley
Age: 15
Barfday: March 3rd, 1987
Physical Description: I have long brown hair, a little longer than shoulder height, and hazel eyes. I wear glasses but they look really good on me.. ^^ I'm about 5'4", fairly short... and I weigh about 115lbs. I usually wear jeans and t-shirts or hoodies. I hate dresses and skirts and you'll rarely see me in them.
Personality: I am a very happy person and will make friends with almost everybody. When I first meet people I tend to be withdrawn and don't really talk. But once I get to know you you'll find that I don't shut up! ^____^ Yes, I am a loudmouth and very talkative but I keep secrets very well. I know when to tell and when not to and apparently I'm very trustworthy.
Likes: I enjoy reading and writing. I tend to like the computer alot, sometimes too much.. ^^;; I love to rp ((roll play)) and I'm involved in MANY different ones. My fav would have to be DRoP ((Dragon Rider's Of Pern)) and if you know of any sites PLEASE e-mail me!!! ^____^
Dislikes: I simply hate needles! *shudders* I don't know what it is about them that I hate but I hate them! I usually get anxiety attacks when I get them, or before... ^^;; It's a problem but I get apple juice!! ^________^ Hehe... I'm kinda like that.. it's not that much fun.. people keep making fun of me because of it.. I'm also afraid of heights.. Not as afraid as I am of needles but they make me uncomfortable. I like to keep my self on the ground or in the water but most of the time heights don't really bother me.

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