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Kitana's Room
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*A female Ice Krinket approaches you as you enter a large room. She flicks her tail around as she walks and she wears a small, but warm smile. You can't help but notice her vibrant green eyes that watch you, they seem out of place on her blue face* "Konnichiwa." *She greets you with a slight incline of her head* "I am Kitana and this is my room."

*As you look around her large room you see a small writing desk covered in skattered papers and writing tools. Other than that the room is very neat and tidy. Kitana gives you a final nod before walking out. She calls back just before the door closes* "Feel free to look around but don't take anything or mess it up!" *The door finally closes and you can now look around the room freely*

~*Explolre Kitana's Room*~

Kitana's Closet

Kitana's Desk

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