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Kitana's Closet
Chizopet's Pets

*You open up the closet door and are surprised at the sheer size of the room. You slowly walk in, looking about you in an awed manner. The place is full of clothes and other beauty items that have collected dust, they haven't been used in ages. As you look upon the ground you can see a small table with one peice of paper on it. You pick it up and examine it*

~*Kitana's Wish~list*~

An Ice dye ((received! Yay! ^__^))
Plushies.. ((well.. when better one's come out.. ^^;;))
A younger sister
More friends

*After reading it over you set it back down on the table and look around again. You then notice another peice of paper. You pick it up and begin to read*
~*My History*~

10/28/02~I was born!
10/30/02~I was painted ice!
11/01/02~I adopted a young, halloween krinket.. 0.o
*You set the paper down beside the first and turn back towards the door. You look upon the shelves and see the empty Ice Dye bottle sitting by some books. You turn around to look at the other side and find noting more of interest. WIth a shrug you walk forward and back out of the closet*

Kitana's Room