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Editors note: We have new people working for us in our advice section folks. Not just anyone, the Gundam Pilots!

Dear Gundam Pilots,
My neighbors keep working on building their house late at night. It's giving me a headache and I can't study well enough for school. What should I do?
From: Tired Student

Duo: Invite them over for pizza!

Heero: Shoot them.

Wufei: Injustice!! I agree with Yuy!

Trowa: .....

Quatre: No! Violence is not the answer guys! Do what Duo said then ask them if they could build at another time of day.

Dear Gundam Pilots,
Ive been having a lot of trouble lately. I cant seem to get this bully to stop harassing me. Im a lot smaller than him, and well. Im a girl. Im just not built for fighting I think. Im a peaceful type of person what should I do?

From: Peaceful Person

Duo: Just run!

Heero: Hire an assassin.

Wufei: STUPID ONNA! Get a stronger person to defend you. Only the strong have the right to fight. Odiously this man is weak.

Trowa*pulls out gun and hunts man down. *

Quatre: * Rushes to stop Trowa *

Dear Gundam Pilots,
I think I have a BIG problem. Yesterday I was walking home from school after soccer practice and I was humming my fave tune from a BSB CD I bough. Well, I stopped to tie my shoe and looked up. I thought I saw smoke coming from my best friends nationhood. I ran to see what was going on. There was a humongous dragon burning down random things! Now half the town is suffering under the attacks of this beast! What should we do?

From: Freaked out Soccer Player

Duo: Holy shit! UmmmHee-chan? Should we go help?

Heero: .....

Wufei: Natauk?

Trowa: Interesting. Perhaps they should call the fire department? *Tiny faint smile. *

Quatre: No comment.


Dear Gundam Pilots,
I have a rather annoying problem. It seems my new neighbors dont like me. Theyve been chasing me around with fire trucks trying to put out my breath ever Scence yesterday. I wonder if you would have any suggestions.
From: Draco Dragnet, the Big ole dragon

Duo: Wow. This guy sounds nuts..

Heero: *Raises an eyebrow. *

Wufei: * yanks out his katana. *

Trowa: ?

Quatre: * blinks *. Thats..Um.. Not very nice

*They all refuse to do the others until Wednesday. *


Dear Gundam pilots,

Im from a reality thats alternate to yours. My name is Domon Kasshu. Im a Gundam Fighter for Neo-Japan. I recently discovered that my teacher, the former King of Hearts, is now working for the Dark Gundam. My brother pilots this Gundam and is my sworn nemesis. I dont know what to do. Master Asia was like a father to me for all the years he spent training me. My true father was put into a form of imprisonment until I can retrieve the Dark Gundam and bring my brother to justice.

I dont know what to do. How do I tell the difference between an ally and my enemy? Who is my enemy?
Sincerely, Domon Kasshu

Duo: Wow. That really bites. Im not sure you told us enoughBut, if your brother is doing stuff thats bad. Hes your enemy. And So is this Master Asia guy.

Heero: For once I agree with you Duo. Its more then that though. All who align themselves with the Dark Gundam are your enemies.

Wufei: It seems that you are forced to fight a force of evil. So all evils that threaten the Earth and outer space are your enemies. As a Gundam pilot you must realize this is true.

Trowa: What Wufei says is true. You are representing your nation. In something like this things can change quickly. Therefore you must be equally ready to change, to become stronger.

Quatre: Im not sure what to say. What you are doing seems to be a heavy burden. Try to remember that you have friends who will be willing to help you. Keep them close. Now you need them more than ever.

Dear Gundam Pilots,

My best friend slept with my boyfriend. What should I do?
From: Sad Girl

Duo: Leave the jerk. Let himself get seduced.

Heero: .....

Wufei: Stupid onnas.

Trowa: ....

Quatre: Ew! I did not need to read that.

Duo: Ok, who says we just give up for today?

Quatre: Sounds good to me. I need to go wash my ears out. That last letter was awful. I wish you hadnt read it out loud Duo.

Duo: Sorry Q-man.

Heero: I need to go hack into something. Im leaving.

*Heero leaves the room silently. It was obvious the pilot of Wing was annoyed even though he kept it so well hidden.*

Trowa: I need to do check ups on Heavy Arms anyways. I have no interest in this.

Wufei: I agree Nataku needs to be repaired. This wastes too much of my time.


*Pretty soon the pilots decide this new job is just too annoying. They blow up the newspaper that they work at on Thursday. That left many people who found the insane letters and interesting responses disappointed.*

The End

Authors Note: I typed it up this way because I was being lazy today. Im somewhat ill. Hope you enjoy my fanfic. I hope to do more.