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"We've never actually finished a game."


"Only if I can be Miss Scarlet."

"You were Miss Scarlet last time! It's my turn."

"No WAY! That was Duo. It's my turn!"


"We don't have enough light to see all the cards."

Duo sighed. He was running out of options and was incredibly bored. Lightning struck and illuminated his violet eyes in the darkness of the safe house. The storm had been going on for hours, but they had just recently lost electricity. Somehow they had managed to only have one flashlight between the five of them. It wouldn't be worth it to run out and get more, as they were stored away inside their Gundams, which were out in the rain.

"Ok, so I've gone through every board game we have and all card games are out. What else can we do? Anyone up for a drinking game?"

The braided boy expected total rejection on the suggestion and was caught off guard when he got a response, especially from Trowa.

"Like what?"

Duo named the first one that came to mind.

"I never."

"How do you play?"

"Everybody takes turns saying something they've never done. If you have done it, then you take a shot. The point is to find out more about each other. I shouldn't say something like 'I've never piloted Sandrock,' cause, besides being obvious, if we were to play like that, we'd all be drunk too soon into the game. Otherwise, it's pretty simple. If you can't think of something you haven't done, then you can always name something you have done, but you have to drink as well. Got it?" I can't believe they're even considering it!

They all sat looking at each other for a moment, debating in their minds weather or not this was a safe game to play. Yes, they trusted each other, but still, there are some things you don't plan on anyone else ever knowing. Finally, Heero spoke up, deciding that he didn't have that many secrets and under the opinion that they wouldn't ever think of to ask of the one's he DID have.

"I'll play."

Wufei eyed the others nervously before taking a seat next to Heero on the floor.

"As will I."

Quatre bit his lip as Duo moved to sit next to Heero and Trowa silently took his place in the circle beside Wufei. He was almost positive that he didn't want to play this game, but also didn't want to be the only one not to. First, there was the problem of drinking. Quatre KNEW he couldn't hold his liquor and it was quite possible he would make a fool of himself after only a few shots. Then there was the problem of the game itself. He wasn't sure where it would lead, but if they spoke the right words, he was screwed.

"Ya gonna play, Q? Be right back, guys." Duo asked as he jumped up, grabbing the flashlight as he headed to the kitchen for shot glasses and alcohol, leaving the other boys in the dark until he returned. Quatre followed him out of the room, still turning the choice over in his head.

"Duo... I-I can't hold my liquor very well and, um, well... I'm afraid I'll say something I regret or do something stupid."

Duo turned and raised an eyebrow at his friend as he continued to gather the supplies, smirking slightly.

"Is there something you don't want us to know, Quatre?"

Quatre brushed his hair out of his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a moment before replying softly.

"Yeah, kind of..."

The braided boy's face softened as he stood back up beside his friend, handing him the flashlight so he could carry everything.

"Don't worry, I'm sure there's nothing that you've done tha*t can be that bad. Besides, I've probably done it as well."

Quatre diverted his eyes away from Duo, indicating that he couldn't quite believe that.

"I seriously doubt it..."

Duo took a deep breath as he set the stuff down on the table and turned to face Quatre. Taking his blonde friend by the shoulders, he pulled him close, forcing him to meet his eyes.

"How about this? If you drink, I'll drink. Then even if it's something embarrassing, you won't be alone in it. The only time I won't is if someone else is already drinking with you. I promise I won't tell anyone and you know I never lie."

"Except in drinking games?"

Duo's face twisted into a silly grin as he leaned his head to rest against Quatre's.

"That's not lying, it's called cheating at a drinking game to protect a friend. No one's really gonna object to me drinking more and I swear I won't ever tell them I did it. You won't tell them, will you Q? I don't want to lose my sparkling clean reputation, now do I?"

Quatre offered a small smile in return and shook his head. He knew that Duo didn't usually lie and that he was making an exception for his benefit. He could feel in his heart that Duo was telling the truth and his heart never lied to him either. It was one of the advantages of his space heart.

"Thank you, Duo. I truly appreciate it."

Duo backed away then gathered up the drinks again, heading back into the other room while navigating their way through the dark as Quatre held the flashlight.

"Don't worry about it, Quat. Everybody ready?"

Each boy looked at the other, trying to hide their nervousness in the dimly lit room as Duo distributed five shot glasses among them and filled them to the top.

"Who wants to go first?"

"I will." Heero spoke up and then waited a moment while he thought of a good way to start.

"I've never... I've never... gotten a tattoo."

Duo grabbed his glass and took a shot, Quatre following just a moment behind him while the other three pilot's jaws dropped. They had almost been expecting Duo to drink, but they never would have dreamed that innocent little Quatre would have a tattoo.

"Where?" Wufei asked, his eyes switching back and forth between the two boys.

Duo grinned. "I don't have to answer that."

Quatre quickly shook his head in agreement. "I'm NOT answering that."

"Well can you at least tell us what it is?"

Duo looked at Quatre and the blonde shrugged.

"A little black bat with 02 written next to it."

Quatre giggled. "We think alike, Duo. A heart with angel wings and a halo. The heart has 04 written in it."

"But you won't show them to us?" Heero asked.

Both boys shook their heads while Duo answered. "Nope. It's not part of the game, so we don't have to."

"Fine," Heero pouted. "Your turn."

"Hmmm..." Duo began to think. He wanted to ask something that would get Heero, Wufei, or Trowa, but he wasn't quite sure what to use. His thoughts suddenly turned towards Heero and Relena and he decided that he just HAD to know.

"I've never kissed a girl."

Duo watched as Heero's glass stayed still in front of him, almost missing Wufei drink on the other side of the circle.


The Chinese boy rolled his eyes as his friends looked at him in question.

"What? I was married, remember?"

"Oh yeah..." Duo thought as a whole new line of questions flowed into his head. Though he had been happily unable to make Heero drink with that question, at least he'd gotten Wufei with it. Ending that thought, they all turned to look at Trowa as the quiet boy pondered his own statement.

"I've never..." Trowa licked his lips and diverted his eyes from the group. "...watched someone masturbate."

"Fuck." Duo muttered to himself before taking a shot. He'd just come to the realization that he'd probably be to drunk to continue before the others were even buzzed, especially if the game was going to move in the direction he thought it was. The game had gotten dangerous much faster than he'd imagined.

Heero watched Duo down his drink and turned to stare at his own as if it was the cause of his problem. After a slight hesitation, he picked up the glass and shot it quickly.

Quatre heaved out a sigh and grabbed the liquor bottle, filling the shot glass to the top. The alcohol burned as it went down, numbing his throat as he wrinkled his nose. At least he hadn't been the only one to drink that time and he knew he wasn't the cause of Duo drinking since the braided boy had finished his shot before Quatre had even moved to refill his glass.

Trowa and Wufei just stared at their friends nervously, the shock evident on their faces. Neither had expected anyone to drink.

"Who have you watched?!" Wufei demanded.

Duo stuck out his tongue in reply. "I told you, 'Fei. We don't have to tell you and that's obviously not information that I'M planning to volunteer."

Heero and Quatre nodded in agreement.

"But... But... Fine. You're turn Winner."

Quatre smiled at that; at least he knew he wouldn't have to be drinking to this one.

"I've never masturbated in the presence of someone else."

Trowa cringed as he looked at his drink, then downed it. It was his own fault for leading the game that direction, but he really hadn't thought Quatre would voice such a question. He also hadn't expected Quatre to have to drink for watching someone. Apparently, there was a lot about the blonde Arabian that he didn't know.

Duo laughed out loud as he picked up his drink for the 3rd time. The alcohol was already getting to him and they hadn't even finished one round.

Quatre giggled as he watched his friends. He knew Trowa would have to drink on that one. The green-eyed boy always seemed to think that he was asleep when they roomed together, but Quatre knew. It had been the reason he'd had to drink for being such a voyeur.

"You're turn Wufei."

Chang Wufei nodded as he wracked his brain in search of a good answer. He really wanted to make Heero and Trowa drink again, since Duo had had to drink on every question but his own. An evil grin spread across his face.

"I've never looked at porn online."

This time Heero's death glare was directed at his beloved laptop as he took another shot.

"Good job, Wu-man!" Duo laughed. "Round one finished. Back to you, Heero."

Heero turned to glare at the braided boy sitting beside him as he thought up another one, deciding that Chang needed to drink for pointing out such an embarrassing habit of his. An amusing memory floated through his mind and he decided to use it to his advantage.

"I've never streaked."

Heero watched as Wufei's face turned bright red.

"How did you know?! Were you the one who set me up?!! I can't believe you, Yuy!!"

"Just drink, 'Fei." Duo ordered.

"What's he talking about?" Quatre mumbled.

Wufei quickly turned to the blonde next to him, offering an explanation.

"You know that safe house we stayed in where the bath house was outside, away from the house itself? Well, while I was bathing, someone managed to steal my towel AND my clothes. I was FORCED to run back to the house and up to my room lacking... anything. I didn't think anyone knew, but since Yuy does, then he must have been the one to set me up!! I thought you had more honor than that, Yuy."

Wufei downed his shot, glaring daggers at Heero the whole time while Quatre giggled beside him.

"That doesn't really sound like something Heero would do Wufei. Did you, Heero?"

Heero shook his head. "No. I just saw him streaking across the lawn on the way back to the house. I did not find it appropriate to mention it before, but since he decided to point out embarrassing things about me..."

Wufei looked at the carpet, knowing Heero was right. What was that saying, eye for an eye?

Duo smirked to himself, happy to know he'd been able to cause Wufei to drink in some way. Now all he had to do was come up with something that he hadn't done himself. It took him awhile, but he finally came up with something.

"I've never had sex."

The only sound in the room was the thunder outside as each boy waited for one of the others to move, but everyone sat still. After a few moments of complete silence, Duo finally voiced the thought in everyone's mind.

"Wow... I thought for sure... someone... hmmm."

Wufei rolled his eyes, voicing his own opinion of the subject.

"Well, if I'm the only one who's kissed someone, then I would think that you would expect that answer. I can't imagine anyone managing to have sex, but not kiss the person."

Trowa listened to his Chinese friend, carefully thinking the statement over and finding a hole in the argument.

"That's not what was asked. We know now that you're the only one who has kissed a girl, but..."

Wufei's eyes grew large at the green-eyed boy's implications while Duo bit his lip nervously at the sudden turn of events, knowing it was Trowa's turn.

"I've never kissed a boy."

Duo stared down at his shot glass, trying to decide if it was worth it to simply lie and go on to the next question without drinking. His decision was made for him when the little blonde across from him closed his eyes and downed a shot, eyes still clamped closed until he heard Duo's glass hit the floor, empty as well.

The other three boys just stared at their friends, assuming the unsaid until Quatre quickly decided to clarify with his own turn, giggling the whole time.

"I've never kissed Duo."

Duo smiled in understanding, knowing full well that nobody in the circle was going to drink on that turn but understanding Quatre's intentions entirely. Since they had been the only two who had ever kissed a boy, they knew it was easy for their friends to just assume that they'd kissed each other. Though that was not the case, Duo wondered who it was that Quatre HAD kissed.

Wufei cleared his throat, drawing his friends back into the game and out of their thoughts. He wasn't sure if it was safe to make his last statement. If no-one drank they might think he was a pervert for asking it, but if someone DID drink...

"I've never given a blow-job."

Heero and Trowa directed their attention to Wufei, utterly dumbfounded that the Chinese boy could even get such a statement out without receiving a nose-bleed. They watched as their friend's jaw dropped in shock, only then noticing that Duo had actually taken another shot in response to Wufei. Quatre only laughed harder, falling back on the floor so that he was staring at the ceiling, his knees bent up and his hands clutching his stomach in a fit of giggles.

"End of round two!" Duo proclaimed between laughs, turning to Heero for the start of round three.

Heero watched the proceedings with interest, noting that Duo was now swaying back and forth as if dancing to some unheard music as he laughed and that Quatre's giggling had started to continue nonstop. It was obvious that neither of the two boys were totally with it and would probably regret their actions if they game continued in the state they were in. Though he wanted to continue, he decided that it would be better to finish it another night before either Duo or Quatre passed out cold on the floor.

"I think we should continue this tomorrow."

Duo frowned unhappily as Heero stood to leave.

"Aw! Come on, Heero! We're just gettin' started!"

Wufei rose from his spot on the floor, swaying a bit from the alcohol.

"Maxwell, I think Heero's right. We should continue this later. Goodnight."

Duo looked across to Trowa as Heero and Wufei fled into the darkness, leaving the flashlight behind. Duo watched quietly as Trowa stared down at Quatre, a look of surprise written across his face at the blonde boy's actions. Quatre had one of Trowa's hands in his, held up towards his face while sucking on two of his fingers. The braided boy wondered how long this had been transpiring as Trowa's gaze moved up to meet his own. While it was unusual to see any sort of expression on the green-eyed boy, Duo was glad that it was surprise and not total disgust or rejection.

Trowa looked back down at the blonde in confusion before slowly pulling his hand away, a small whimper falling from Quatre's lips. After a moment of thought, the HeavyArms pilot squeezed Quatre's hand before letting go and standing up.

"You ok, Tro?" Duo wondered aloud.

Trowa sighed, looking into the darkness before returning his gaze to the braided boy before him. A slight small passed over his face before he retreated from the room, his voice quiet in the night.

"Sleep well, Duo."

Duo flicked off the flash light, waiting a moment as his eyes adjusted to the moonlight drifting in from the windows. Quatre still lay on the floor as Duo crawled over to him, hoping the boy had yet to pass out. It would be rather difficult to get him to bed if that were the case, probably just easier to let him sleep where he was.

As Duo made his way to Quatre's side, he realized that the blonde boy was indeed awake and staring at the ceiling with a large grin on his face. The braided boy sighed and shook his head.

"Hey Q."

"Hey Duo."

"You do realize what you just did, don't you?"

Quatre's eyes moved to the amethyst one's that hovered above him as he licked his lips.

"Of course."

Duo raised an eyebrow, not really believing his friend was conscious enough to have answered that question correctly.

"Ok then, tell me what you did."

Duo gasped as Quatre took his hand in his, quickly sucking two fingers into his mouth. Duo's eyes drifted shut momentarily as a soft, wet tongue swirled over the digits, before gently pulling his hand away. He couldn't help the way his lips curling into a smile as he reprimanded the drunk boy beside him.

"That's not very smart, Quat. Tro's not drunk enough to forget that."

Quatre shrugged, a smile never leaving his face.

"I'm not the one who confessed to giving a blow job."

Duo flicked his friend's nose as the little blonde laughed. It was nice to see that Quatre wasn't going to hold it against him.

"Soooo... who'd you kiss?"

Quatre shook his head.

"Nope, not telling, unless... you didn't have to drink for me did you? Did you have to lie on ANY of those?"

Duo smiled a genuine smile as he settled down on the floor next to Quatre.

"Nope. You haven't done a single thing that I haven't done."

Quatre's grin widened.

"Ok. Well, if you tell me who you've blown then I'll tell you who I've kissed."

Duo lightly punched Quatre in the shoulder as the he laughed softly.

"I hardly think that's a fair exchange, you little hentai."

"So what? It's the only way you'll get it."

Quatre snickered as Duo narrowed his eyes playfully.

"It was a friend I grew up with at the orphanage. We liked to... experiment with each other. His name was Solo."

Quatre nodded, deciding not to press the subject as he noticed the name. He was familiar enough with Duo's past to know that Solo had died.

"Hey now! What about you? Who'd you kiss, Q-man?"

Quatre's face turned a brilliant shade of red that was even visible from the light of the moon.


Duo's eyes widened.

"Quatre, he didn't drink on that question. Was he lying?"

Quatre shook his head as he face managed to darken a little further.

"No. He was... asleep when I did it and I don't think he knows that it wasn't part of his dream."

Duo lowered his head, moving in closer to Quatre as he spoke, a sly smile on his face as he teased his friend.

"You ever kissed someone that's awake? They're a lot more responsive."

Quatre reached up and grabbed Duo's braid, pulling the other boy so close, their noses almost touching.

"Ask me again in five minutes. I might tell you different."

With that, the little blonde pulled him down the rest of the way, their lips meeting in a kiss. Gently, mouths pressed against each other, clumsy in their drunken inexperience as one opened to the other. Tongues danced against each other as hearts began to race and hands began to grope, sliding down each other's bodies. The kiss ended as Duo pulled away, his breath heavy as he looked down into Quatre's cerulean blue eyes.

"Quatre... we can't do this. We're drunk and... I don't want you to do something that you'd regret."

The blonde Arabian pulled himself up onto his elbows, allowing him to nuzzle himself against the braided boy as he spoke.

"What makes you think I'd regret it?"

Quatre ran his tongue along the curve of Duo's ear, the heated whispers sending chills down the American's spine.

"I'm not as innocent as you think, Duo."

As Quatre's teeth closed over Duo's neck, the braided boy let out a low moan, giving in to his desires. Duo's hands crept down Quatre's chest, flipping open the buttons as they moved, untucking the shirt along the way. Just as his hands finally made their way to the bottom, Quatre grabbed the bottom on his shirt, pulling it over his head and breaking him away from the kisses he had been trailing down the Arabians chest.

The two boys stared at each other, chests bare and pants tightening as they admired the view before them. Duo was amazed at the strength that showed through on the little blonde, who always appeared so much smaller when dressed. Pressing his hand's against Quatre's rock hard abs, he ran them up the blonde boy's body, briefly toying with the nipples before pulling them back down to unbutton his pants.

Quatre moaned as he felt Duo cup his erection through his boxers, wrapping his arms around the braided boy's waist and gripping his ass. He'd always thought the American was hot, but he'd never imagined that he'd ever get to feel his body pressed against his, hard cock pressed against his thigh. His greatest fear at the beginning of the night was that his friends would find out about his sexuality and reject him, but now he was grateful, for the game had given him one of the boys he often lusted over.


Quatre couldn't help the moans that fell from his lips as Duo's hand slid inside his boxers and wrapped his hand around him. It was a feeling like no other, so different from his own hand, though the motions were the same. Slowly, Duo pumped, his thumb sliding over the slit as pre-cum spilled over the top. The pace was agonizingly slow and Quatre's cock throbbed with need as Duo rained kisses over his neck and chest, licking and nicking occasionally.

"Faster... please..."

Their lips met again as the speed rose and Duo pulled Quatre over, onto his side, so that they were facing each other on the floor, rather than Duo laying above him. The new position allowed the braided boy to slide his free hand down the back of Quatre's khaki pants, kneading the soft, round globes of his ass.

"Come for me."

Duo whispered against Quatre's lips as a questing finger slid between the cheeks and pressed against his virgin entrance. Quatre immediately shuddered and fell over the edge, spilling his seed into Duo's hand. Several small thrusts continued as Quatre emptied himself, slowly breaking the kiss to gasp for air as he pulled away.

Quatre watched, mesmerized as Duo lifted the hand to his mouth, sucking Quatre's essence off his fingers as he cleaned his hand. Timidly, he reached out, pulling Duo's hand towards him and drawing a finger into his own mouth. The taste was salty, but sweet at the same time and Quatre immediately began to wonder how Duo would taste differently. As Duo withdrew his finger from Quatre's mouth, the blonde boy leaned in and began to kiss his way down Duo's chest, mumbling softly as he reached his stomach.

"May I taste you?"

Duo ran his fingers through Quatre's baby fine hair as he unfastened Duo's jeans, pulling them down over the braided boy's hips.

"God, yes..."

Duo moaned loudly as Quatre lowered his silk black boxers with his teeth, the sight of which was almost enough to make him come right there. Eyes shut as soft lips wrapped around his length, engulfing it in a wet heat that sent torturous shivers of pleasure throughout his body. Slowly the lips tighten and began to slide down his cock, moving until Quatre felt his nose move to nuzzle the soft chestnut curls at it's base.

As the blonde boy slid back up, he sucked in, drawing a gasp of approval from Duo. Quatre then began to bob up and down, sucking each time he withdrew and every once and a while lapping at the slit with his tongue. Tentative hands moved into his hair and began to guide his speed as Duo got closer to completion. Duo's breath caught in his throat as one of Quatre's hands moved down off Duo's hips, sliding down beneath him to cup his balls gently.

"Quatre... I'm gonna... Oh, God!"

Duo cried out as he exploded inside Quatre's mouth, the blonde boy sucking enthusiastically, milking him for all he was worth. Fingers lightly traced over Quatre's cheeks as he licked the remnants off Duo's dick, finally pulling the Arabian up to eye level once more to place a passionate kiss upon his lips, tasting his cum in Quatre's mouth.

"We should clean up." The blonde stated as they lay on the floor with their pants open.

"We'll do it in the morning. Just get your clothes."

Quatre nodded sleepy and satisfied as sat up, gathering his belongings as he leaned drunkenly against his friend. Duo wrapped an arm around him as he drew him in for another kiss.

"Sleep with me tonight."

The blonde boy smiled and they met lips again, each happy to have a warm body beside him as the storm raged outside.


Wufei crept quietly back up the stairs, not wanting to alert the others of his presence. He had originally gone back down to get a glass of water, but was returning without it, the drink long forgotten. All he wanted now was to get to his room and lock himself inside, the throbbing hardness in his pants calling for immediate attention.

The next drinking game would definitely be more interesting.

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