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Truth or Dare


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Quatre rolled over, the pounding in his head increasing with each move he made as he pressed himself against the warm body beside him, Duo's arms circling his slender waist.

"You awake, Quat?"

The little blonde shook his head in denial, immediately regretting it as the throbbing headache notched up another level in intensity.

"Here. Take this."

Eyes still closed, Quatre felt a small pill press against his lips, followed by a second. Strong arms lifted him up as a glass of water was brought to his mouth, washing down the mysterious medicine before laying him back down among the covers.

"What was that?"

Aquamarine eyes peeked open to meet pools of dark violet.

"Advil. It's not much, but it might help your headache."

"How long have you been up? What time is it?"

Duo cracked a small smile. Quatre was too cute in the morning, totally disoriented and slightly groggy. He had expected him to be a morning person, but he guessed that the hangover might have influenced his tardiness to some degree.

"About thirty minutes. Almost noon."

Quatre groaned, snuggling further into Duo's chest as he waited for the painkiller to take effect.

"Do they know I'm in here? I'm not really sure how to handle this situation."

Duo answered as he ran his fingers through Quatre's baby-fine hair.

"No, I woke up around four and went and locked your door from the inside, so they don't know that you're not in there. I think they would expect you to sleep in today, Q. We all know how much you had to drink. A hangover's expected........You don't... regret anything, do you?"

Quatre placed a small kiss on Duo's chest, relieving any fears the braided boy might have had.

"No, it just makes me wonder what the others would think... Some of them surprised me last night, but I'm still not quite sure..."

Duo cracked a smile, pretty sure who Quatre was talking about.

"You mean when Heero drank for having watched someone jerk-off? Yeah, that kinda surprised me too. Makes me wonder if he really is asleep at night or if he just fakes it. Then there's the fact that Trowa let you sit there and suck his fingers for five minutes. It didn't seem to bother him in the least. He just sat there and let you do it. But, you know, what REALLY got me was Wufei's last question..."

The room fell silent as the two boys pondered the significance of Wufei's 'I never' statement, stating that he had never given a blow-job. Why would he throw something like that in? He was taking the risk that if none of them had, then they might have thought him odd for suggesting it in the first place. The attention had been drawn away from this fact the moment Duo drank. The braided pilot continued to think on this subject when Quatre's voice brought him back to awareness.

"Duo... did you see something last night... while we were... umm... playing?"

Duo looked down at the little blonde as he fidgeted nervously.

"What do you mean, Quat?"

Quatre bit his lip in thought.

"Well... I think I saw someone... watching us."

Duo raised an eyebrow in surprise, but motioned for Quatre to continue.

"I don't know who it was. It was too dark, but I don't think he's gonna say anything. He was there almost the whole time. The WHOLE TIME, Duo. He wouldn't have stayed that long if it bothered him."

A evil smirk slowly made its way to Duo's face as he thought over the situation.

"Sooooo... SOMEONE in this house enjoyed the show last night."

Quatre giggled quietly as Duo proceeded to plot out a plan for later that evening. If things went right, they would have another lover joining them in their bed that evening.


"So, do you want to play?"

Heero looked skeptical, but finally nodded in agreement. Trowa followed immediately after.

Wufei stayed silent, Duo and Quatre watching him expectantly. He didn't WANT to play another drinking game, not after what had happened last night. He wasn't sure if either of the boys had seen him, but if they had, he wasn't sure what they would do. How they would use that information? Would they embarrass him in front of the others? Surely, they would stay silent, since confronting him would give away their own secret...

"Ok, I'm in. So how do we play?"

Duo and Quatre grinned, while Wufei got the sinking feeling that he was doomed.

I can't believe you've never played Truth or Dare before... Okay, to start, someone chooses to begin and asks any one of us the seemingly harmless question, 'Truth or Dare?' Whoever's asked the question must respond by choosing either 'Truth' or 'Dare.' If you respond with 'Truth' then the asking player now asks a question to which you must answer truthfully. If you answer 'Dare' then it is up to the person who asked to come up with a dare that is somewhat humiliating but amusing. The more outrageous the better, but we don't want to hurt each other, so nothing dangerous. Easy questions should not be tolerated."

"What's the penalty?"

The braided boy turned to Heero, ready with an answer and an evil grin.

"Then you may be punished severely with beatings."

Heero's jaw dropped at the unexpected punishment, silently surprised. Wufei, on the other hand, exploded as predicted.

"Beatings!! What do you mean by beatings, Maxwell?!"

Duo's eyes sparkled as he turned to answer his Chinese friend.

"Just a few spankings, Chang. Nothing too harmful."

Wufei sputtered in embarrassment, his face turning a brilliant shade of red as he silently vowed to answer every question and perform every dare. He would NOT have his honor taken away from him in such a manor.

"When do we drink, Duo?"

The American answered Trowa with a smile on his face, trying his best not to laugh at Wufei as his face continued to change colors.

"One drink for every Dare and two drinks for every Truth. Try to keep it even with who you ask so one person isn't loaded down with all the questions. Anything else? If not, who wants to start?"

After waiting a moment to make sure there were no more questions, Heero broke the silence.

"I will, but...ummm... Can I ask two of you at the same time?"

Duo wrinkled his nose in thought, then shrugged.

"Sure, I guess so, but then those two will have to ask just one person to get us back on track."

"Hn. Duo and Quatre, Truth or Dare?"

Quatre looked at Duo in surprise, his mouth falling open as he blinked. Was it Heero? Did Heero know about last night? If so, he was jumping into it rather quickly. Which road was safer?


Duo nodded at Quatre's answer and they both took a shot, waiting for Heero to tell them what he wanted.

"Dare: show us your tattoos."

Quatre buried his face in his hands, last night's game of I Never coming back to haunt him. Glancing up towards the others, he saw that Duo was waiting for him to acknowledge the dare before performing it himself.

"Okay... Since you asked."

The little blonde stood up, his face burning as he undid the belt on his pants. Across the circle, he could see Duo performing the same action while the other three boys debated with themselves whether or not to look. Sighing, Quatre pulled down his red silk boxers just enough so that they could see a little red heart with baby blue angel wings and a yellow halo. In the center of the heart was the number 04, written in white. The tattoo itself sat right above his pubic area, slightly to the right, almost on his hipbone.

Quatre jumped as he felt a finger brush over his skin, glancing down to see Trowa's face about three inches from the tattoo as he inspected it.

"Did it hurt?"

"Kinda, but nothing like we get in battle."

Quatre smiled and tried to stop the blood from rushing to his groin. Trowa's fingers were so soft, but he was way too close not to notice if Quatre couldn't keep himself under control. Luckily, Wufei's voice pulled him away as the attention turned to Duo.

"How typical, Maxwell."

Duo's tattoo was on his left butt cheek; just the kind of place Duo would have a tattoo. It was just as he said, a little black bat, wings spread out, with 02 written beside it in blood red lettering. Heero seemed to be giving Duo's tattoo the same inspection Trowa had given Quatre's.

"Okay, then. Our turn."

Duo pulled up his pants and looked to his blonde friend for guidance. They had been dared together, so it seemed they should choose the next person together. Quatre smiled evilly and looked to his left.

"Wufei: Truth or Dare?"

Wufei looked nervously at Duo and Quatre, slightly weary of what they might choose for him, but finally deciding that Truth would be weak.

"I'll choose Dare."

Duo jumped up and ran to the stereo, flipping it on as he turned to face Wufei.

"Dare: dance for us, sensuously, till the end of the song."

Wufei smacked his hand to his face and took an additional shot before he stood up and moved to the middle of the circle. Closing his eyes, he began to move to the beat, swinging his hips with the bass as he moved his hands over his body. His main concentration was to stay calm and keep his arousal in check.

Wufei moved to the music, his hands above his head as his hips rocked in circles. Slowly, his hands moved down his body, stopping briefly at the nape of his neck, only to remove his hair tie. As the black curtain of silk fell down around his face, his hands brushed over his nipples while his hips began to thrust forward. Giving up on trying to hide his erection, Wufei let himself be taken by the music, his body almost humping the air before him, producing a soft moan from the onyx eyed pilot that seemed to echo from the others as well.

The other four boys watched as Wufei danced before them, mouths hanging open at the sexuality that gushed from their Chinese friend. While Duo had thought that such a dare would get them all a good laugh, he was now having to restrain himself from jumping the Shenlong pilot. Though every one of them had to have noticed Wufei's arousal, no one mentioned it, having the same problem as well.

As the music ended, Wufei sat down again, pulling his hair back into a ponytail while glaring at Duo.

"Maxwell Truth or Dare?"

Duo smiled cheerily as he proceeded to take two shots.

"Truth, please."

Wufei nodded and waited till Duo had finished his drinks.

"Truth: if you were to have sex, which position would you choose?"

Duo scrunched his face up in thought. "Hmmm... probably missionary, so that I can see their face. I think I'd want to be able to kiss them... But I also think doggy-style would be fun."

Wufei shook his head, marveling at how the braided boy could answer such a question without blushing.

"Trowa: Truth or Dare?"


Duo clapped his hands once as he announced his dare.

"Dare: play the rest of the game in your underwear."

Trowa blinked once before standing up and pulling his shirt up over his head. Next came his shoes and socks, followed by his jeans, leaving him in a pair a white cotton boxers covered in little red hearts. The tall boy sat back down and did his best to cover himself before moving on with the questioning.

"Heero: Truth of Dare?"

Heero looked once at Duo, the thought of losing his clothes as well promoting his answer.


Heero took two shots as Trowa asked his question.

"Truth: last night you admitted to watching someone jerk off. Who was it?"

Heero looked at the floor, not really wanting anyone to hear him as he answered.

"It was Duo. Quatre: Truth or Dare?"

Duo glanced at Heero in surprise before blowing it off. He'd watched the Japanese pilot too many times to count, so it didn't bother him in the least that he'd been seen as well.

Quatre giggled as he took a shot.

"I'll take a Dare."

"Dare: Sing 'I'm a little tea pot' WITH the body movements."

Quatre laughed outright as he stood up, swaying slightly.

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

The little blonde bent his knees on the word 'short', both hands on his hips at 'stout'.

"Here is my handle... Here is my other handle?"

Quatre looked down at both hands sitting on his hips.

"Oh SHIT!! I'm a sugar bowl!!"

All four boys broke out laughing as Quatre sat down, happy to be able to take advantage of such a humiliating dare and make it into something even more fun. Through laughs of his own, he turned to his left and asked the next question.

"Wufei: Truth or Dare?"

The Chinese boy leaned forward, positive about his answer this time around.

"Definitely not Dare again. Truth."

Quatre licked his lips happily as he watched Wufei shift in anticipation while drinking both of his shots.

"Truth: if you had to have sex with any one of us, who would it be and why?"

Wufei shut his eyes tightly, unable to believe the innocent little blonde would pose such a question. But then, he knew from last night that Quatre was NOT innocent, so maybe it did make more sense, though he should've thought of that before now.

"I would have to choose... Duo because... I... I like his hair."

Duo laughed softly, not wanting to pick on his friend, but amused with his reasoning.

"You would choose me because you like my hair?"

Wufei pouted and crossed his arms.

"So I have a hair fetish. Sue me. Heero: Truth or Dare?"

"Dare: call Relena and tell her that you love her."

Heero's mouth dropped open in protest, spilling his shot all over the floor.

"No! I refuse! She follows me around already and if I tell her that...! I mean, I don't like the girl, but that's cruel!!"

Duo turned to face the Wing pilot, a wicked smirk curled upon his lips.

"Are you refusing a dare, Hee-chan? Are you willing to take the punishment?"

Heero looked at his the other three pilots, shutting his eyes as he gave into his fate and nodded.

"Who will administer my punishment?"

Wufei's face turned red as he shook his head vigorously, looking towards the others for help. There was no way he could do it himself and was really hoping that someone else was willing to do the job for him.

"I'll do it."

Duo walked over to the couch and sat down, waiting for Heero to follow as soon as he swallowed another shot. The Wing pilot turned to Wufei for instructions, since it was his Dare.

"How many?"

Wufei smirked.


Heero shook his head before lying down across Duo's lap. It wasn't really the spankings that hurt, it was the embarrassment of being spanked that was the punishment. Duo's hand came down as Wufei's voice rang out.


Heero felt his face go red...

"Two." he realized what this was doing to him...


...and he thought what he could possibly do to cover it up...


...since he was only wearing his spandex shorts...


...and his green tank top...


...which was not nearly long enough...

"Seven." cover the rock hard erection...


...that was now pressed tightly...


...against the side of Duo's leg.


Heero didn't move as the last number rang out in the silent room. If he stood up, his arousal would be obvious to the others, an even greater humiliation than being spanked. Before he had time to panic, Duo's voice whispered quietly beside him.

"Crawl and they won't see."

Heero nodded silently as he carefully moved off Duo's lap and crawled back over to his spot, choosing to lie on his stomach until further into the game. As he settled into place, he noticed something about Duo that gave him a new question to ask.

"Duo: Truth or Dare?"

Duo thought for a moment before answering, then began to pour himself two more shots.

"Ah... Truth."

Heero's eyes narrowed as he examined the hard-on that Duo had carefully concealed after the spanking.

"Truth: if you had to choose, would you prefer to submit or dominate?"

Duo leaned back on his elbows, a grin on his face.

"That's easy. Dominate, of course."

Heero sighed as Duo winked back at him. His theory had been correct. Duo sat back up as he turned to his small blonde friend.

"Quatre: Truth or Dare?"

The little blonde bit his lip in thought. Duo had agreed not to do or ask anything sexual of him, so any answer seemed safe enough. He'd taken Dare last time and it hadn't been that bad. All he'd done was made a fool of himself, so why not try it again.

"Ummm... Dare."

The braided boy grinned widely.

"Dare: let me pierce your ear."

Quatre sat up, taken aback, as the other three pilots looked to their American friend in surprise.

"Duo... I... Does it hurt?"

Duo laughed as he ran to grab a needle out of the first aid kit, then ran to his room to sift through the miscellaneous items he carried around with him. He was almost positive he had a set of ear-rings somewhere in all that junk. Quatre waited for his answer as he drank down another shot.

"Not nearly as much as your tattoo probably did. It's not permanent or anything. You can take it out in the morning and it will grow over, if you don't like it."

Quatre looked skeptical for a moment before giving in.


Heero spoke up from across the circle, his voice serious while his eyes were amused.

"You don't have to do this, Quatre."

Quatre shrugged and let a small smile drift across his face.

"I know, but it's not that bad. Besides, I might like it."


Duo plopped down beside his blonde friend, a needle and tissue in one hand, an ice cube in the other.

"Which ear?"

Quatre answered without hesitation, knowing that this was the real dare, admitting this silently to his friends without having to come right out and say it.


Duo handed Quatre the ice cube, then took a moment to unwrap the needle from it's sterilized packaging, provided from the detailed medical kit they carried with them at all times. Finally, Quatre pulled the ice cube away from his completely numb ear and Duo lined the needle up, his thumb on the back, holding the ear in place.


Quatre swallowed and shut his eyes tightly.


The pain was quick and sharp, over within a second as Duo pushed the needle through his ear and into his thumb. He left it there for a moment as he reached into his pocket and removed a small gold stud, then pulled the needle out, replacing it with the ear-ring.

"That wasn't that bad, was it?"

Quatre laughed lightly as he shook his head, his hand coming up to feel the small golden ball attached to his right ear. Looking up, he realized while Duo was gone, he had pierced his own ear as well, the matching gold ear-ring set in his right ear as well.

"Not at all."

Duo grinned widely as he tore the tissue in half, giving half to Quatre for the small amount of blood and taking the other half himself, to stop his thumb from bleeding. The other three boys watched the whole process nervously as Duo finally got up and returned to his seat between Heero and Trowa.

Quatre glanced around the circle, dare already planned for his next victim.

"Trowa: Truth or Dare?"

Trowa looked at Quatre, wondering what the little blonde could possibly think of. He seemed so innocent, but he had a feeling that was just a facade.

"I'm not sure if this is safe after that last one, but Dare."

Quatre smiled evilly and a chill ran down Trowa's back as he moved to drink once again.

"Dare: kiss Heero, with tongue."

Trowa looked across at his Asian friend as he took a shot, slightly unsure of himself until Heero shrugged. If Heero said it was okay, then he'd much rather perform the dare than let Duo spank him.

Both boys leaned across the circle till they were face to face. Neither knew what they were doing, seeing as they were the only ones in the room who had never been kissed. It seemed odd that their first kiss would be coming from one of their best friends, but then they knew they could trust each other.

Heero finally took the initiative and pressed his lips to Trowa's, both their eyes closing in the process. The kiss moved slowly, as Trowa eventually took Heero's bottom lip between his teeth. After pulling back for a moment, he let his tongue slide inside, meeting Heero's in a shy dance, each boy holding their breath in nervousness. The kiss lasted several more moments as it became more aggressive, a fight for dominance, before Trowa pulled away in need of oxygen.

Heero sat back and gasped for air, looking at the other three boys as he caught his breath. Wufei's mouth was hanging open in surprise, while Duo and Quatre exchanged looks, giggling wickedly. His eyes met Trowa's once as the HeavyArms pilot raised his eyebrows nervously. Heero understood the silent gesture immediately. The game was getting a little too wild and Trowa was ready to quit for the night. Heero agreed.

"I'm out."

Duo smiled as Heero rose to his feet, voicing no protests as he had the night before. He knew perfectly well what was going on, he had planned it this way to begin with. Though they had had much less to drink than the previous night, he knew that Heero and Trowa were not quite ready to continue any further. He was actually impressed with the kiss and how into it each of the boys had gotten, but he could see that that level of intimacy was more than they could handle at this point. Fortunately, it also promised future fun, since neither Heero nor Trowa had rejected the dare entirely.

As expected, Trowa got up as well and the two boys left the room, leaving the other three on the floor as they murmured goodnights.

"Oyasumi nasai."

"Good night, Heero!" Quatre called after him, laughing softly. "Night, Trowa!"

Trowa nodded with a small smile as he and Heero disappeared up the stairs. Suddenly, the room seemed too quiet and Wufei came to the quick realization that he had been left alone with Duo and Quatre, something he had been trying to avoid. Panic set in as Wufei jumped to his feet, finding that he was too slow as Duo grabbed his ankle, trapping him as he tried to exit the room.

"Hey, Chang... Truth or Dare?"

Wufei's breath sped up immediately, the significance of the question not lost on him as he found himself completely cornered by Duo and Quatre. Either answer was equally dangerous at this point and Wufei wasn't quite sure which to choose. Slowly, he turned back around, planting himself on the floor, facing his challengers, but refusing to meet their eyes as he stared at the ground.

"Come on, Wufei. Dare or Truth?"

Quatre's voice was teasing in a way that Wufei had never heard before and he felt himself harden under it's influence. He shifted nervously, trying to hide the proof of his arousal and the little blonde giggled... caught.

"Ummm... Truth?"

He looked up in time to see their predatory grins increase in size, quickly changing his answer.

"No! Dare... Um, I think..."

Duo crawled towards him, voice soft and seductive as he approached.

"What's it gonna be, Fei?"

Wufei swallowed hard as he fell back onto his elbows, Duo hovering over him as Quatre giggled in the background.


Duo looked back over his shoulder at Quatre.

"He said Truth, Q."

Quatre began to move towards Wufei, circling behind him as he spoke.

"Truth: Did you come back downstairs last night, after you went up with Heero?"

The Chinese boy answered Quatre's question shakily as Duo took his hands and pulled them over his head. The braided boy proceeded to lay him on the floor as he stayed over Wufei on his hands and knees, careful not to touch him anywhere but his hands.


Duo removed his hands and smiled at the answer. Before Wufei could move his arms back to a less vulnerable position, he felt them gripped again by Quatre as the blonde moved on to the next question.

"Did you see anything when you came back down?"

Wufei licked his lips before vaguely answering the question.


Quatre fought off the urge to roll his eyes as he leaned down towards Wufei, upside-down but only several inches away.

"What did you see, Wufei?"

Wufei closed his eyes as he answered Quatre's question, refusing to acknowledge the braided boy hovering above him as the blonde one pulled Wufei's head up into his lap.

"I saw... I saw... You, um, sucking on Duo and then D-Duo jerking you off."

The little Arabian winked at his American friend as he asked the final question, Wufei's eyes still closed tightly.

"One more Truth, Wufei: Would you like to join us tonight?"

The answer was immediate; he didn't even have to think about it.

"God, yes."

Duo's lips closed down on Wufei's, the onyx eyed pilot gasping at the contact. Taking advantage of Wufei's surprised state, Duo slipped his tongue inside his mouth, learning its secrets and memorizing them for future use. Timidly, Wufei responded pressing his tongue against Duo's until he was confident enough to switch positions and explore Duo's mouth in return.

Hands brushed down his chest as Duo broke the kiss, moving onto his neck as he pulled at Wufei's blue tank top. Wufei moaned softly as teeth nibbled at his collarbone and his shirt was pulled off, revealing his bronzed chest and dark, rosy nipples. Duo's tongue slid down his chest to attack the hardening nubs as Quatre lowered his lips, tasting Wufei for the first time.

Quatre's kiss was gentle, but no less thorough than his braided counter-part's, swirling around his tongue and pressing against his palette. The blonde boy tasted of sugar, sweetly addictive, while Duo was more hot and passionate, a drug his body continued to crave. Both boys aroused him in different ways and together, they were quickly driving the dark haired boy wild with need.

"What do you want, Wufei?"

Quatre's husky voice asked as he pulled back for air.

"I want you."

Quatre smiled seductively as he watched Duo slowly pull Wufei's silk white pants down, off his body, revealing thin white boxers.

"How, love? How do you want me?"

Wufei turned his body onto his stomach, his face now nuzzling the blonde boy's crotch instead of resting in his lap. Duo moved to place kisses down his back, pulling his own shirt off in the process.

"In my mouth..."

Quatre moaned as Wufei began to undo his pants, pulling him up on his knees so that he could push them down. The blonde's erection sprung forth in the red silk boxers, free from the confines of his pants.

"What about Duo? How do you want him?"

Wufei licked up the front of Quatre's erection, soaking the silk as he thought about the question. Pulling himself up on all fours, he wiggled his ass at the braided boy behind him.

"Inside me..."

Duo moaned loudly as his hands moved down to massage the round globes of Wufei's ass. Hooking his fingers into the white silk, Duo slowly lowered it, revealing the rest of Wufei's body to their eyes as he unfastened his own pants, pulling them off.

"You sure, Fei? I've never done this before; I don't wanna hurt you."

Wufei pushed back against Duo's boxer clad erection, the cleft of his ass rubbing against the thickness of Duo's dick.

"Positive. I trust you... and I've already told you once tonight that I want you."

Duo kissed Wufei's shoulder as he searched through his pants for the lube. He and Quatre were both hoping someone might need it that night, though neither thought it would be Wufei. Duo's kisses moved slowly down his back, starting with light feathery touches and becoming more sensual as they neared their destination. Timidly, he pulled the soft cheeks apart, running his tongue down the cleft and over the tight puckered hole. Wufei whimpered as the slick muscle circled around the sensitive skin surrounding his entrance, slowly slipping inside, then pulling out again. Duo thrust in a few more times before pulling back, only to replace his tongue with a well-lubed finger, which Wufei eagerly pressed back against.

Quatre pulled the tie out of Wufei's hair as the Chinese boy lowered his boxers, ready to take him into his mouth. The blonde boy hissed in pleasure as the head of his member was engulfed in a warm, wet heat like he had never felt before. Wufei withdrew slightly, sliding his tongue along the slit before pushing back down again. Quatre lowered himself off his knees and onto his ass as Wufei proceeded, allowing the other boy to lean forward on his elbows and have use of his hands. As Wufei's head began to bob up and down, he held himself steady with one hand while wrapping his other around the base of Quatre's length, making up for what his inexperienced mouth could not take in.

The change in position brought Wufei's ass higher into the air as Duo pressed a second finger into his dark haired lover. As Duo continued to stretch Wufei, he found his other hand had slipped inside his own boxers, jerking himself off to the vision before him. Knowing Wufei was almost ready, he pushed his boxers down and began to apply the lube to himself in long, slow strokes that were not nearly enough to bring him to the edge, but were just enough to ease the pain of his swollen penis.

"Ready, Fei?"

Wufei nodded as he removed his mouth from Quatre, his hand still stroking the blonde boy as Duo pressed the blunt head of his cock against Wufei's well-lubed entrance. Duo thrust in slowly as the tight muscle gave, swallowing his thickness and causing Duo to groan aloud. As Wufei adjusted to the thickness inside him, he took Quatre's member back into his mouth, sucking on the head as he softly cupped the blonde's balls in his hand. When Wufei's head began to move once again, Duo took that as his signal to begin and he slowly pulled partially out before thrusting back in again.

Their rhythm started slow, Duo pushing Wufei onto Quatre and then pulling him off as he withdrew. Eventually, it sped up so that Quatre was panting in short, deep breaths, close to finding his completion. As Wufei continued to suck on him, Duo leaned forward, whispering instructions into Wufei's ear. Quatre opened his eyes as Wufei pressed a finger against his lips, the blonde sucking on it for a few moments before it was pulled away again. His eyes shot open as Wufei swallowed him and the finger was pressed against his entrance.


Quatre yelled as he came long and hard into Wufei's waiting mouth, who swallowed as much as he could before the thick cream began to spill from his lips. As Quatre fell back onto the carpet in exhaustion, Duo pulled out of Wufei, flipping him onto his back before pushing in again. Wufei's legs wrapped tightly around Duo's waist as his hands flew up to untie Duo's braid, the long chestnut hair cascading down around them. His hands clutched the ends of the silky, soft hair as Duo began to rock against him hard and fast, shifting so that he hit a spot inside the dark haired boy that made white sparks of pleasure pulse throughout his body. As Duo leaned forward to taste Quatre's essence on Wufei's lips, he wrapped his hand around Wufei's engorged erection, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

The combined sensation sent Wufei over the edge, his screams of ecstasy muffled by Duo's kiss as thick streams of his seed spilled onto their stomachs. Duo immediately sped up as Wufei's muscles clenched around him and the pressure became too much. The braided boy buried his face in his dark lover's shoulder as he thrust several more times into the tight heat beneath him, screaming his completion. Strong arms wrapped around him while he found his breath once more, pressing light kisses into Wufei's neck.

"You okay, Fei?"

Wufei laughed quietly as he looked up at the blonde laying behind him.

"More than okay. Quatre?"

The blonde rolled onto his side to face his friends as he rubbed his eyes.

"Tired. Can we go to bed?"

Duo and Wufei nodded together as they made their way to their feet, gathering their clothes in a sleepy, satiated daze.

"Yeah. We'll think of a new game in the morning."


Trowa licked his fingers clean as his braided friend shouted in pleasure.

He had been afraid of continuing the game for he feared that he would end up giving away how much he wanted his fellow pilots. Now he wished he had stayed, finding that not one, but three of his other companions seemed to feel the same way.

He definitely agreed with Duo; there would have to be another game tomorrow.

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