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Having Trowa on their side suddenly opened up another game, one that they had been avoiding earlier in fear that they would lose. Now the odds were with them, especially if the former clown was the dealer.  It took them an entire week to set it up, but once they were ready, the plan was flawless.  Duo even volunteered to act as bait, convinced that by the time he actually had to do anything, he would be too drunk to care. All that was needed was a willing Heero.

The best part was that nobody had to ask him for it.

All he had to do was offer when the time came.


Heero gazed skeptically at the other four pilots. He knew something was going on between his comrades, but he just couldn't figure out what it was. It had been a full week since their last little party. A week to let him forget about the awful hangover he'd had. A week to hear the noises at night and sit in his room, wondering from whom they were coming from. A week of full of dreams that left him sticky in the morning. Yet, it never passed his mind that the noises might be coming from two people, not just one. Or maybe three or four.

"Are you in, Yuy?"

Heero turned to Wufei, answering before he could mentally debate his decision any longer.


The Chinese boy smirked as Heero took the seat next to him on the floor, placing them in numerical order around the living room card table. Trowa sat across from him, a shuffling a deck of cards, as Duo poured out five shots, placing one in front of each pilot.

"Does everyone know how to play?"

Duo rolled his eyes as he finished setting up, taking his seat between Heero and Trowa.

"How can you not know how to play poker?"

Quatre pouted, making a face at Duo as he crossed his arms.

"Hey, I just thought I'd ask. It wouldn't be fair to start unless everyone knew the rules."

Duo shrugged, following the set up they'd already planned, happy with Quatre's performance thus far. They really didn't want Heero to know all the planning they'd done. If the Wing pilot had had any idea how much poker they'd had to teach Quatre in the past week, then he'd never agree to play with them. Now that they could all bluff effectively, all Trowa had to do was play the cards right, a skill that they were positive Heero was oblivious to. No person in their right mind would play cards with Trowa dealing. You would be just begging to lose, and even when he wasn't cheating, he was still damn good.

"OK, then, has everyone played poker before?"

Duo continued as he received nods from all around.

"Good. Then we can make this a little more interesting. Five card draw, strip poker. Lose the hand, you lose the clothing you bet and you take a shot. If you fold, then you take a half shot. The winner keeps their clothes and doesn't have to drink. Sound good?"

Heero's heart suddenly sped up as he looked frantically towards the other pilots, praying they would not agree. There was no way in hell he could hide his desires if he ended up sitting around the table with his friends totally nude. Of course, he found himself clothed in his customary spandex and tank top, which left him very little room to lose, especially since he'd chosen to lounge around the safe-house without shoes.

"What happens when you run out of clothes?"

Six. Quatre had on at least six articles of clothing, maybe more by Heero's calculations. Probably eight, depending on the little blonde's choice of undergarments. Leave it to Quatre to be wearing both socks and shoes at all times, just so he would look properly dressed. Heero couldn't believe this was happening to him.

Trowa was similarly dressed, wearing a blue button-down shirt, untucked, and a pair of jeans, though he was wearing sandals, unlike Quatre. That put Trowa's minimum down to four. Heero just couldn't imagine Trowa going without some kind of underwear, so that added one more to the count, making it five.

Glancing at Wufei made Heero feel slightly better. The Chinese boy was clad in his typical blue tank and white pants. He was also barefoot, like Heero. So that put Wufei at three, since he absolutely had to be wearing something underneath the white silk pants.

"You can bet other things, I guess. Favors, maybe? IOU's? I don't know. We'll see when we get there."

Two. Heero could see only two on Duo and that was assuming that they boy wore no underwear, which Heero knew for a fact varied from day to day. Now Heero definitely felt more at ease. The braided boy was dressed in a white wife-beater and a baggy pair of jeans, also barefoot, giving him a laid back look that matched his attitude. Unfortunately, that was just one of the many things that Heero found sexy about his American friend.

That was the last place he needed his mind if was going to play strip poker.

"So let me make sure I understand. Five cards are dealt face to each player, then the discard, and last, a round of betting before the hands are revealed? How will the betting work so that you know how to judge weather or not you should fold?"

Duo drummed his hands on the table as the group thought over Wufei's observation. They'd practiced poker together, but hadn't really talked about the rules of 'strip' poker, so now Duo just had to make some up in his head. At least, this way, with all the questions, it didn't look as if they'd planned it.

"Ummm... How about we bet clothing articles? Will that work?"

Quatre nodded, pretending not to notice as Heero's eyes grew wider. It was obvious that the Japanese boy didn't have enough clothes to bet much to begin with.

"Sounds good. Let's start."

Watching as Trowa dealt the cards, Duo noted that Heero seemed slightly apprehensive, though the persian eyed boy had yet to object to their little game. If everything went as planned, Heero would be joining them in their fun. The most important part was making Heero feel comfortable...

Heero almost sighed in relief as he picked up his first hand of cards. Three Kings, an Jack, and a Five, should keep him safe, or at least prevent him from losing the first hand of the game. Setting down the Five for discard, Heero waited nervously to see what the other four boys would do.

Quatre, Wufei, and Duo picked up their cards and watched carefully as Trowa tapped the table quietly with one finger. One - Heero would be dealt the winning hand. Silently, the other three boys agreed with Trowa's decision not to put Heero in a losing position so early in the game. It was evident that their Japanese friend was wearing very little clothing and, though they would have preferred it off as soon as possible, it was better to go easy on him until they were sure he was ready.

Duo studied his hand for a moment and throwing down his only club in a hand full of diamonds. Hopefully, Trowa would be give him another, which would give him room to gamble. It would make sense for him to stay in with a Flush, but otherwise he would have to fold.

Trowa tried not to laugh as he watched his friends try to figure out what he had dealt them and what to discard. He had agreed to tell them who would have the winning hand, but it was up to them to play their own. It actually made it a bit harder, seeing as they had to try and guess what Trowa was planning to deal them.


All five boys watched each other in anticipation, trying to read the others face as they received their cards. Now the real fun would start...

"Call your bets."

Since Trowa was dealing, they started with Quatre, then moved to Wufei, Heero, and lastly, Duo.

"Hm... I'll bet my shirt."

All four boys nodded, each knowing that Quatre was wearing enough clothing to outbid them anyway.


Wufei quickly set down his cards and reached for his shot glass. There was no way he should stay in with only a pair of Nines.

"Aw, come on 'Fei! Where's the fun in that?"

Quatre shook his head at Duo's antics. Since the braided boy would be the first one down to nothing, as planned, it was easy for him to pick on everyone else.

"He's probably just playing it smart, Duo. Your bet, Heero."


Duo laughed aloud, still teasing Wufei to keep the talking going. He knew that it would become uncomfortable later if they were all sitting around nude in complete silence.

"See, 'Fei, even Heero has more balls that you. Call."

Wufei growled, but his retort was cut short by Trowa.

"Call. Lay down your cards."


Duo giggled as he looked at his cards once more, a little too drunk to care that he was about to lose his boxers. Although Heero was down to wearing only his spandex, and Duo was positive there was nothing beneath those little black shorts, he had already received Trowa's confirmation that the Wing pilot would be the winner of this round.

The other four pilots found themselves in a very similar position, though Heero had been one of the most conservative in the circle, since he had the least amount of clothing to lose. Wufei lay on his stomach, his bronze skin a sharp contrast against his white cotton boxers. The material clung to his skin so that it was plainly obvious that the material was a little too transparent to hide the Chinese boy's modesty, hence the reason he was lounging in his current position. Trowa sat Indian style, comfortable in only his jeans, though he had no reason to worry. He would lose his pants only when he was ready. Quatre was down to his khaki pants and whatever lay beneath them. The little blonde had managed to get himself thoroughly drunk in the process of losing his clothes and already folded on this round of cards as well, leaving just Duo and Heero to duke it out.


The braided boy smiled lazily at Quatre as he swayed back and forth.


"I'm afraid you've lost your shorts."

Duo had the decency to blush, even in his drunken haze. He had been trying his best to avoid looking at his teammates, not wanting to embarrass himself further by having a hard-on at this point in the game. So far he was doing good...

Heero tried not to stare as red silk boxers slid over slim hips and down creamy white thighs, tried his best not to look as the tight little ass he'd been dreaming about for days was revealed right before his eyes, tried not to show his desire as his eyes took in the perfect length before him just waiting to be... Heero shook his head and tried to picture Relena in a bikini. With Duo sitting in front of him nude, a hard-on could be more than embarrassing and he didn't want to know how his friends would react to it.

D squirmed as he felt his friends eyes upon him, happy for the five shots of alcohol currently running through his system.

"Cold, Duo?"

Duo turned to look at Quatre, suspicious of the evil sparkle in his baby blue eyes.

"What makes you say that?"

Quatre snickered, taking a quick glance at Duo's length. The braided boy dropped his jaw, gaping at Quatre's insult as he pulled his knees up to his chest. He couldn't believe the little blonde would suggest such a thing, even if he was just joking.

"Ok, ok. Enough picking on me. Let's keep going so I don't have to be the only one sitting around in my birthday suit. Stupidity wants company."

Wufei snorted out a laugh.

"It's your own fault, Maxwell. You can't bluff worth shit."

Duo playfully stuck his tongue out at Wufei as Trowa dealt the cards, starting another round. It was the round they'd all been waiting for, the one that would lead them on to other things. Hopefully, Heero wouldn't run away screaming...

Picking up their cards, the other three boys watched carefully for Trowa's signal, noting Wufei as the winner as five fingers settled casually on the table.

It took a moment of studying his hand for Duo to realize Trowa's plan. This was it, this was the hand he could bet against Wufei and not make it look like he was trying to lose. Too low a hand and it would appear as if Duo WANTED to lose, even if that was the case. Silently, Duo stared at his straight flush, a 4-5-6-7-8 of hearts, and wondered what Wufei had been dealt that could be much better.

Heero bit his lip nervously as he studied his cards. It was a good hand, yes, but he wasn't sure if it was good enough. Though the thought of losing his shorts made him squirm, he kept telling himself it wasn't a big deal. If Duo could sit around nude, then so could he, right? Taking a deep breath, Heero nodded to his four Nines and decided to risk it.


Heero's heart beat faster as he realized that neither Duo didn't have a discard either, wondering what the braided boy could possibly have and what he would bet with. What exactly did Duo mean earlier when he said they could bet 'favors'? What kind of an IOU would be worth more than sitting around nude?

"Call your bets."

Since Trowa was dealing, they started with Quatre, then moved to Wufei, Heero, and lastly, Duo.

Quatre stared at his cards for a moment before setting them down. If Duo and Heero had good enough cards to not even discard, and Wufei was going to win, then he might as well sit this round out and watch. He could tell it was going to get interesting anyways, so why miss out on the action.

"I think I'll fold."

Quatre moved to pour himself a shot as Wufei called his bet.

"I'll bet my shorts."

Now that was unexpected, Heero thought to himself. He hadn't planned on Wufei staying in, especially with so little clothing left. Still, he had already decided to stay in this round, even if it would move him down to nothing.


Four sets of eyes turned to Duo as the braided boy studied his cards.


Trowa quirked his head to the side, revealing both eyes as he raised an eyebrow in question.

"Duo... you can't match that call. You don't have any shorts to bet. You either need to fold or think of something you can bet instead."

Duo pressed his lips together, pretending to think of something he had already planned out.

"I'll... bet a blow job."

The Wing pilot's eyes widend as he turned to the braided boy, unable to believe what he was hearing. What he serious? If he was, then Heero was definitely glad to have stayed in the game. The chance to win a blow job from Duo was too good to pass up, even if he lost his shorts in the process.

Heero watched as Trowa met Duo's eyes for a moment before nodding in agreement, then reached for the alcohol to pour himself a shot.

"Ok... Fold. Lay down your cards."

Heero breathed a small sigh of disappointment as Duo layed down his cards, revealing that Duo would not be giving him a blow job and that he would now continue the game without his clothing. As the Wing pilot fidgeted nervously, he suddenly realized with relief that the group's attention was not on him, but on Wufei's cards. More specifically, the attention seemed to be direct at Wufei's Royal Flush, a hand which definitely beat Duo's Straight Flush.

Heero shivered in anticipation as an evil grin slowly spread across Wufei's face.

"Pay up, Maxwell"

Duo crawled across the floor towards Wufei as the Chinese boy rolled over onto his back, his knees bent upward and slightly spread apart while his hands rested behind his head. Stopping to kneel between Wufei's legs, Duo's world narrowed down to the mission before him, totally blocking out his other three friends who stood watching.

Sliding the white cotton boxers down Wufei's thighs, Duo leaned over to press a soft kiss to his friends stomach, his tongue tracing along the trail that led from his bellybutton downward. He could feel eyes on him, feel the intensity and the lust radiating from them, and now it spurned him on, sending small shivers down his spine as he closed his own eyes and ran his tongue along the underside of Wufei's shaft.

Heero couldn't believe what he was seeing. Somewhere along the way, he had missed something; missed some crucial piece of information that would have clued him in. It wasn't just that one of his fellow pilots felt the way he did; it was that ALL of them did! Or that was what it looked like from his stand point. Although Duo and Wufei were obviously quite comfortable with themselves, Quatre and Trowa didn't look all that surprised either. In fact, from the way they were watching the action in front of them, Heero wouldn't be surprised if they started going at it as well. What surprise Heero the most was that he wouldn't have minded one bit... as long as someone let him participate as well.

It was at this point that Heero let his hand drop to grip himself through the front of his shorts.

Wufei couldn't help the small moan that escaped him as Duo teased him, his tongue everywhere except where the Wufei desperately wanted it to be, moving him into full erection. The braided boy snickered softly, but continued moving down to tongue his balls as he combed his fingers through the soft black curls that surrounded Wufei's swollen member. Both boys could see the evidence that Heero had no objections to their actions as they continued on with their little show, the eroticism of exhibitionism flowing through their veins.

"Suck me, Duo."

The command was instantly obeyed and Duo's lips wrapped around him, the feeling of soft, wet heat searing through his body and tightening his groin as the braided boy moved upon him, taking him whole. Desperately, Wufei clutched at his partner, his hands tangling in Duo's hair as he attempted to thrust forward, his actions stopped only by the tight grip of Duo's hands on his hips. Closing his eyes, Wufei concentrated on breathing, knowing that the sight of Duo's mouth wrapped around him would only push him over the edge that much sooner. All thoughts of holding off came to an abrupt end as one of Duo's hands slid down to the soft sack at the base of his cock and he began to roll Wufei's balls in his palm. The world around him spun as pleasure overtook him.

"Oh Gods!"

Wufei panted, gasping for air as his world righted once more, the heavy weight of a body settling across his chest as he wandered out of post-orgasmic bliss. Opening his eyes, Wufei grinned as he found himself nose to nose with Duo Maxwell. No, scratch that. Make that a very nude and unsatisfied Duo Maxwell, the evidence of his arousal currently pressed tightly against Wufei's hip, begging for attention.

"Can I help you?"

Duo narrowed his eyes, his face moving as close to Wufei's as possible without actually touching it.

"I sure as hell hope so."

Lips mashed together, tongues clashing as the two boys kissed, the taste of Wufei's seed still strong in Duo's mouth. With their audience totally forgotten, Wufei wrapped his legs around Duo's waist, allowing the braided boy to rub his straining arousal along the cleft of his ass. Moaning loudly, Duo thrust against him in an effort to increase the friction, writhing in imitation of an act soon to come.

Then the braided boy was reaching out, the rest of his body still in action as one hand searched across the floor for some unknown object. Quatre watched the proceeding for a moment more before inching forward far enough to grab Duo's hand.

"Um.... Duo?"

Duo looked up at Quatre, his breathing heavy as Wufei mewed beneath him.

"Q, hand me my jeans."

The blonde boy paused for a moment before retrieving the asked for piece of clothing and handing it to his friend. After a moment of searching, Duo pulled a small tube out of the back pocket and immediately resumed his ravishing of Wufei's body. Once again, his friends were forgotten, until a soft touch on his shoulder broke him out of his lustful daze. Looking up, Duo was met with heavy lidded persian eyes. As his gaze moved downward, he could see that Heero had obviously been enjoying the show, for his erection was clearly visible through the thin material of his spandex shorts.

"Hey, Heero, didn't you lose those in the last round?"

A slow nod of agreement was the only answer. It was clear to Duo that the Wing pilot was still hesitant to join in as he slowly pulled Heero down till the two boys were eye level.

"Heero?...... Still wanna play poker?"

Duo was relieved to receive a negative shake of the head, ready to ask the more important question.

"Wanna play.... with us?"

The braided boy laughed softly at Heero's very eager nod.

A shiver ran through Heero as he was gently pulled forward, his lips falling softly upon those of his braided companion. The kiss started slow, lips moving against each other as tongues requested permission. As it increased in intensity, Heero felt hands move over his body, touching him in places that brought forth small moans from the perfect soldier. Duo's hands were in his hair, on his neck, down his back, as another set of hands fluttered down his chest, across his stomach, and over his cock. Pushing into Wufei's caress, the Japanese boy silently begged for more as he felt both sets of hands pull at his shorts, sliding them from his body.

Then Duo was gone, the braided boy's hands disappearing to prepare the Chinese boy below him while two more sets of hands guided Heero behind his braided lover. Vaguely, he recognized that it was Trowa and Quatre moving into position, though it wasn't until he heard Duo's voice that he realized exactly what that position was for.

"Heero... please... I want you... onegai... take me... I need you..."

Heero closed his eyes as he slowly ran his hands down Duo's back and over the soft curves of his ass.

"What.... tell me what.... to do...."

And then the hands were there again, showing him what was asked for as kisses were rained over his body from both sides. It was Quatre, in front of him, smearing the lube over his fingers before guiding them towards Duo's entrance, slowly increasing them as the braided boy loosened up. Heero was so entranced with the tight heat enveloping his fingers that Trowa's hands, wrapping around his waist from behind, caught him totally off guard. And then those long fingers were moving slick over his erection, preparing him as he prepared Duo.

"Heero, please! I'm ready! Onegai!"

Duo's cries became moans of pleasure as Heero pressed into him, filling him as he filled Wufei below him. There was so much to feel, Heero's strong hands gripping his hips, Wufei's legs wrapped around his waist, the three of them slowly adjusting to each other before moving in rhythm. Then Heero moved differently, changing the angle in some way that made Duo shudder and Wufei scream in pleasure, each thrust now hitting against each boys prostate as Heero pressed forward.

"More... Oh, fuck... More..."

Momentarily distracted by the voices beside him, Heero looked over to see Quatre and Trowa, engaged in their own activities right next to him.

Trowa lay on his back, his tongue in Quatre's mouth and his fingers in Quatre's ass. The blonde boy sat above Trowa as the green-eyed boy prepared him, the two of them making more noise than Heero had ever thought possible from two normally so quiet. Mesmerized, Heero watched as Trowa moved his hands up onto Quatre's hips, allowing the little blonde to move back and slide down upon his cock. Then they were moving together, much like Heero was with Duo and Wufei, except that Quatre was riding his green-eyed lover, practically screaming for more as he did so.

Pushing into Duo once more, Quatre and Trowa were quickly forgotten, the only reminder of their existence being the screams of pleasure from their direction. Another set of hands were on him, Wufei reaching up and grasping his hips, pulling him forward into a faster rhythm. Heero sensed that it was quickly becoming too much and reached around Duo to pump Wufei in time with his thrusting. A moment later, Duo's hand joined his, the two of them with their hands wrapped around Wufei, begging him to reach completion soon, as they were too close to wait much longer.

Heero stiffened as he felt Duo tighten around him, Wufei's seed spilling out over his hand as Duo's pouring into the Chinese boy below him. Giving in, Heero came inside Duo, the braided boy rocking with him as Heero's thrusts slowed to a stop. Breathless, the three lovers collapsed onto their sides in an attempt to not squash the other below him. The result was a tangle of arms and legs, each gripping the other and pulling them close, trying to keep warm on the living room floor.

Next to them, Quatre and Trowa were still moving, having started somewhat later after helping Heero.

The boys watched as Trowa rolled, flipping them over and putting Quatre beneath him. The new position must have given better access, for the blonde's volume somehow increased as Trowa pressed in farther, his hand wrapping around Quatre's cock as Quatre's legs locked behind his back. Several more thrusts and the couple slowed, their breathing heavy as Trowa brought his fingers up to his lips, licking his fingers as Quatre watched hungrily.

Everything went silent as the boys lay sprawled across the floor, each in their own post-orgasmic daze. It fascinated them that they would be there, together in a way that they had only thought possible in their wildest dreams, their sexual fantasies come true. The possibilities were endless...

Suddenly, Heero was laughing, his eyes zeroed in on the braided boy next to him.

"How long did it take you to plan this?"

Duo opened his mouth, feigning innocence. Actually, he had never imagined that they would end up in this position, but he couldn't exactly deny that he hadn't had a hand in planning this particular night. After all, they'd been planning to play Strip Poker for over a week.

"Why do you assume it was me?"

Quatre laughed out loud as he relaxed into Trowa's arms.

"You're the only one who could make this work, Duo. And it's all 'cause of your silly drinking games..."

Grinning, Duo raised an eyebrow as he snuggled up against Heero, pulling Wufei to his chest.

"Is anyone complaining?"

The answer was unanimous.

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