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The Question Game


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"So... what did we decide on?"

"I don't think we did..."

"Hmm... Well, what have we come up with so far?"

Duo closed his eyes in thought, leaning back as Quatre re-braided his hair for him. Wufei's head rested comfortably in his lap as the three of them ran through their options once more. They had been brainstorming since they had woken up, all slightly hung-over and completely satisfied. Yet still, they had been unable to decide on another game for later that evening.

"Ok, we have Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker, Seven Minutes in Heaven, Asshole, Presidents, Two Truths and a Lie, and The Question Game. What 'cha think?"

Wufei sighed and rubbed his temples, frustrated that they had been discussing this for over an hour, yet still running into the same problems.

"Well, if it would help shorten the list, I think that Asshole and Presidents are the same games, just with different names. Either way, they're both card games. Weren't we trying to stay away from card games?"

"Yeah," Duo mumbled as Quatre tied up the end of his braid. "They just don't have the same effect as the others. There's not as much room for conversation and we wouldn't have a chance to learn anything personal about them. On the other hand, I do think strip poker might be interesting. I would definitely love to see Heero and Trowa strip for us."

Quatre crawled around to kneel beside Wufei as he shook his head.

"Not gonna happen, Duo. Trowa's great with cards; comes from working with the circus. He'd be cheating and we wouldn't even know it."

Duo nodded in understanding as he ran through the list once more.

"What about Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven?"

This time Wufei spoke up, immediately finding fault with both games.

"I think that's pushing it a little too far, Maxwell. It's one thing to pick a game that can lead to kissing, but to suggest a game who's sole purpose is to kiss the other players may be too much for Yuy and Barton. Just because they kissed last night on a dare does not mean that they would participate in Spin the Bottle. Seven Minutes in Heaven is even more suggestive, so I'd say we cross that off the list as well."

Duo crossed his arms and began to pout, annoyed that his list was becoming shorter, leaving them with very few options to chose from.

"Ok, great. So is there anything left or should we just give up now?"

Quatre rested his hand on Duo's arm, trying to calm the braided boy before he exploded over nothing. It amazed him how quickly Wufei and Duo could start their bickering without even trying.

"It's ok, Duo. You named two more games earlier. What about them?"

The American relaxed as he tried to recall what else he had mentioned, finally coming up with the last two games.

"Well... We could play Two Truths and a Lie, but I'm kinda running out of truths that won't give too much away, especially after playing Truth or Dare and I Never. I would prefer to stay away from that one for now."

Wufei looked up at Duo.

"And the other one?"

Duo smiled as he bent down to kiss his Chinese lover on the lips.


"So what are the rules?"

Duo cheered inwardly. Trowa seemed willing to play, so it was only Heero that they had to convince.

"Ok! The Question Game is pretty easy, but you're gonna have to practice to become a master like me." 
With this comment, Wufei groaned.

"The only reason you'd be good at this is because you never shut your mouth in the first place."

Duo stuck his tongue out at the Chinese boy, who discreetly mouthed 'promise' back in response. Duo stifled a laugh as he continued with his explanation.

"No, it's because I'm good with my mouth. The whole concept of the game is that only questions can be asked. There are no responses to these questions. If a player does make an actual response then they drink. The game begins simply by a player asking another player a question. The player asking the question must look at the player to which the question is being asked. The player being asked the question must respond with another question. This question should be directed at another player or else the game will go nowhere. You have to drink if you make an actual response or if you delay in asking a new question, usually this gives you about 3 seconds to respond. If you laugh or fail to give a response, then you must drink. Basically, as soon as you screw up, you drink. Questions can be anything."

Heero sighed in relief. This game didn't seem to involve the revealing of any interesting secrets, nor did it put him in any odd positions with his teammates. Though he had thoroughly enjoyed last night's kiss with Trowa, he wasn't quite sure what it meant and a repeat performance made him slightly nervous.

"Seems pretty simple."

Duo grinned in response.

"Yep! So, is everyone ready? Who wants to start?"

Heero spoke without thinking.

"I'll start.... Shit."

Quatre couldn't help but giggle as Heero poured himself the first drink of the evening, receiving the glare of death in return.

"Is something funny, Winner?"

Quatre immediately responded, hoping to catch Trowa off guard.

"Did I say something was, Trowa?"

Unfortunately for Quatre, Trowa was ready this time and turned to Wufei.

"Is he asking me, Chang?"

"He said your name, so I would assume so."

Wufei watched as the corners of Trowa's lips turned up, realizing his slip just before Duo reminded him.

"Drink, 'Fei."

The Chinese boy shook his head, pouring his drink as he started up the game again.

"How did you come up with this game, Maxwell?"

"What's that have to do with the price of beans in China?"


The little blonde blinked, not responding to Duo's question as he'd lost the flow of questioning before it had even started up again.

"Drink, Quat."

"Not fair, Duo. Is he trying to get me drunk, Heero?"

"Why would Duo want to get Quatre drunk, Barton?"

"Is Quatre more fun when he's drunk?"

Duo answered without thinking this time, surprised that Trowa would suggest such a thing.

"I can vouch for that. Fuck. Is this game hard for everyone else?"

Wufei answered as he watched Duo throw back his first shot of the evening.

"What's hard, Quatre?"

"I am. Crap, not again. Did you enjoy kissing Heero?"

"Did you en- en- Did you... Aw, never mind, pass me a shot."

Trowa held his tongue at Quatre's question; barely stopping himself from responding to Duo with 'Did you enjoy fucking Chang?' He wasn't quite ready to reveal last night's voyeuristic pleasures to the rest of the group. Shaking his head, he started the game back up by questioning Heero.

"Do you dream about Relena?"

Heero's eyes widened and he won himself a shot by answering the question before turning to the blonde boy beside him.

"Sometimes... I know, drink.... Have you kissed Trowa?"


Quatre stared open mouthed at Heero as Duo began to laugh aloud. There was no way that Heero had known about him sneaking a kiss from the green-eyed boy while he was sleeping, but it still startled him to hear the words out of Heero's mouth. Biting his tongue, Quatre downed another shot as he turned to his braided friend.

"Do you jerk off every night?"

Duo wasn't about to be caught this time and turned to Wufei to respond, whispering the question so that the other boys couldn't hear him.

"Did you know I do it to your image?"

Wufei sputtered in response, not able to think after Duo's last question.

"Uh... Damn."

Heero turned to Trowa as Wufei poured himself another shot.

"What did he say?"

"Did you hear him, Quatre?"

The little blond had a pretty clear idea of what Duo must have said for Wufei to react in such a way, so he said the first thing he could think of, hoping to start on another topic of questioning. Unfortunately, the question he phrased ended up being even more awkward then he had planned on, the alcohol slightly altering his sense of reason.

"Would you play with me, Trowa?"

Trowa's eyes widened as the Arabian smiled at him.

"Would I play with you... Shit. That's the second time you've done that to me."

The green-eyed boy downed another drink, his mind spinning with possibilities while he quickly came up with a plan. After watching the threesome the night before, he was determined to lead the game in such a way that would enable him to join in, even though they didn't know he was even interested. His plan was simple. If he could get Heero drunk, then the game would end...

"Would you have sex with Relena?"


The room went silent at Heero's outburst, all eyes turning on him as he fixed himself his second drink. Trowa smirked inwardly, happy to find a line of questioning that could easily through the perfect soldier off guard. Finishing his shot, Heero resumed the game by turning to Duo, the only one in the room who had only had one shot.

"Have you ever gotten off in your Gundam?"

Duo grinned, but didn't stop the chain of questioning, turning to Wufei instead.

"Would you ever kiss Sally?"

The Chinese boy rolled his eyes and turned to the blonde Arabian.

"Do you prefer Whipped Cream or Chocolate Syrup?"

Quatre snickered and turned to Trowa once more.

"Can you get Heero to drink again?"

Heero braced himself, determined not to let Trowa take him by surprise again. Though he thought he was ready for anything, nothing could prepare him for when Trowa leaned across their little circle and began to whisper in his ear.

"Would rather thrust your cock into Wufei's smart mouth or Duo's tight ass?"

Heero stared at Trowa in disbelief as the green-eyed boy poured him a final shot, his smirk barely hidden behind his bangs. Every response he had planned died on his lips and he was unable to utter a word, amazed that Trowa could even think of such a thing.

Beside him, Duo's face burned bright pink, having overheard Trowa's question. It was suddenly brought to his attention that he had obviously misjudged the HeavyArms pilot and was now wondering if he might be able to bring him into tonight's more "enjoyable" games.

"Drink, Hee-chan."

Heero slammed back the shot, trying his best to glare at Duo and failing miserably. The almost laugh that fell from his lips immediately put Duo on alert and the braided boy began to watch the perfect soldier more carefully.

"Ummm... Heero? How many shots have you had?"

Heero's eyes rolled back in thought as he began to count on his fingers.

"One for when we started the game and Duo asked if I was ready, Two for dreaming about Relena which I really wouldn't call dreaming since it was more of a nightmare but I answered the question anyways, Three for saying I would NOT have sex with the bitch, and Four for the question about mmph-"

Trowa locked his hand over Heero's mouth before the Wing pilot could repeat the question back to the group. The other three boys stared at their Japanese friend in amazement. They'd never heard Heero talk so much in one sitting and it was definitely something to take note of.

"I think you just used up your entire word quota for the day, Hee-chan. That and you've definitely had too much to drink. Stand up and walk in a straight line for us."

Heero slowly climbed to his feet and took three wobbly steps forward before he started to sway from side to side. It took only two more steps before he tumbled to the floor, falling flat on his ass and began giggling quietly. Trowa shook his head as he moved to help the Wing pilot to his feet.

"I'll go put him to bed."

The other three boys nodded and sat in silence as they watched Trowa help Heero up the stairs. As they disappeared into the darkness, Quatre fell over and laid his head down in Duo's lap, nuzzling his crotch.

"I hope he doesn't get sick."

Duo laughed as he ran his fingers through the little blonde's hair.

"I don't think he will, but it was a good idea to stop him there. He's gonna have one hell of a hangover in the morning and we didn't need to amplify that by making him get sick."

Wufei snickered as Quatre began to tongue the outside of Duo's pants, producing a quiet moan from the braided boy.

"Why don't we move upstairs before this moves any further. I still have rug burn from last night and, no matter how enjoyable it was getting it, I don't intend to do it again."

Duo nodded in agreement, trying to keep his mind off Quatre's ministrations.

"My room ok?"

Wufei stood and began to pull Quatre to his feet, knocking him out of his lust filled daze.

"Let us change and we'll be right in."

Duo smiled and gave a small kiss to each of his lovers before the three of them moved to climb the stairs. Upon reaching the top, each boy retreated to his own room, fully intending to meet back in Duo's as soon as possible.

As he walked over to his dresser, Duo began to shed his clothes, leaving a trail across the room. He knew it wouldn't bother Wufei or Quatre, no matter how much they had picked on him for being a slob earlier that morning. The shirt fell to the floor, totally forgotten as Duo began to fumble with his belt buckle. Once undone, his jeans slid quickly to the floor, only to be thrown in the direction of the laundry hamper. Divesting himself of his remaining clothing, Duo dropped his underwear to the ground as he picked out a pair of dark purple boxers. It was then that he heard the door click open, signaling the entrance of at least one of his lovers.

"That was quick. I expected you to take a little longer."

Duo's comment was met with silence and he stepped into the boxers, slipping them up his body. Attributing the quietness to his Chinese lover, Duo continued on as untied his braid and began running a brush through the long silken mass.

"I can't believe we let Heero get drunk. He's sure to wake up with a massive headache and then he'll never play with us again. Man! I hope he doesn't shoot me. You know, I always seem to get the blame for these sort of things for some reason, even if everybody else participated in it."

It was at this point that Duo turned around, expecting to see Wufei sitting on the bed, quietly listening to him. Instead, he was met with a pair of piercing green eyes, just inches from his own.


Before Duo could utter another word, his mouth was covered with Trowa's, sealing it with a kiss. For a moment, Duo just stood there, letting Trowa's arms wrap around his waist while his tongue slipped into his mouth. It wasn't until the HeavyArms pilot placed a sharp pinch on his ass that Duo's sense of reality fell back into place, his lips becoming an active participant in the kissing war that was currently underway. Sliding his hands up Trowa's hips, Duo's hands quickly slid down the back of the silk green pajama pants, gripping the tight ass as he pulled the taller boy closer.

"Well, we obviously missed something."

Duo immediately stumbled backwards at the sound of Wufei's voice, tripping over himself as he crashed down to the ground. Quatre giggled softly before crossing his arms across his chest, staring directly at Trowa with a bold look of superiority.

"And who said you could play?"

The response had an immediate effect on Trowa, whose long stride quickly brought him over to the little blonde. Duo and Wufei watched as Trowa hovered above Quatre, cerulean meeting emerald in an unspoken battle. Not a sound was uttered for several long moments, before Trowa's lips curled into a small smirk.


Quatre's own words echoed in his mind, reminding him of one of the questions that required the HeavyArms pilot to drink. //Would you play with me, Trowa?// Fighting back a grin, Quatre raised one eyebrow in jest.

"That was directed towards me, not Duo."

Trowa leaned down, his lips almost brushing the shorter boy's as he whispered a response.


Quatre couldn't help but laugh softly as he pulled Trowa closer, locking lips passionately before answering.


The two boys met again, tongues sliding against one another as each felt a second pair of arms slide around their wastes, reminding them of the other two occupants in the room.

"We're here too, you know."

Quatre continued the kiss with Trowa as he felt himself pulled towards the bed, Wufei's hands dipping down the front of his boxers to wrap around his hardened shaft. Pulling away from the green-eyed boy, Quatre grinned and ran a hand down Trowa's chest before pushing him back against Duo.

"Have fun..."

Trowa rolled over on the bed, pulling Duo under him and into his arms as the braided boy attacked his mouth with renewed vigor. He couldn't recall when he's lost his pants, but it seemed Duo had taken care of that problem, leaving them both completely nude as they rubbed against each other. Duo cried out as their erections met, sending sparks of pleasure throughout his body, making Trowa groan in reply. Hands gripped tighter as they pulled the other closer, rocking to a rhythm that had them both panting for more, bringing them close to the edge much too soon for Duo's liking.

"Trowa... stop... too soon..."

The green-eyed boy slowed as he rested his head on the American's shoulder, his breath coming in heavy gasps as he tried to regain control of his body.

"Sorry... I just... Oh God..."

Duo smiled as he reached up to kiss Trowa.

"Don't be sorry. I just didn't want it to end that quickly. I... I want... to try something."

Trowa's eyes narrowed, taking in the nervousness from his braided lover.

"What do you want, Duo?"

Duo blushed as he thrust his hips against Trowa, who moaned low in his throat.

"You... I want you... I want you to take me."

Trowa stilled as he looked into Duo's eyes, uncertain whether or not to follow through with that request. He didn't think that Duo had ever been on that side before, and he sure as hell didn't know what he was doing. The last thing he wanted was to hurt his friend. All his worries were driven away as the braided boy pushed a bottle of Astroglide into his hand and rolled them over, placing the American on top.

"Stop worrying about it. I'll tell you what to do."

As Duo walked Trowa through the process of prepping him, Wufei took Quatre into his mouth. The little blonde gripped the sheets with tight fists as he tried to keep his voice down, thrashing his head from side to side in mindless pleasure. It had taken a little bit of convincing, but Quatre had finally talked Wufei into taking him, promising him that he would say something if the Chinese boy did something wrong.

Wufei, on the other hand, was almost frantic with need. Quatre had pushed him to the edge, only to hold him there until his body calmed before pushing him back again. The blonde's hands were now in his hair, running through the silken strands as he guided Wufei's bobbing head over his erection. As he relaxed his throat to take in more, Wufei began coating his fingers with lube just as Duo had done to him the night before.

Forgetting his attempts to keep quiet, Quatre released a full-fledged scream of pleasure as Wufei slipped a finger inside of him. The noise stopped the other three boys in their tracks, as well as various states of ecstasy, as they stared at the little blonde, all having different reactions. Wufei spoke first, his voice on the edge of panic.

"Are you ok?! I didn't mean to hurt you!!"

Quatre pulled up onto his elbows, his eyes wide and full of lust.

"Damn it, Wufei!! You didn't hurt me!! Now if you don't hurry up and fuck me, I'm gonna have to kill you!!"

Duo laughed aloud as he pulled his green-eyed lover up to his face for another kiss, three of Trowa's fingers wedged deep inside of him.

"Didn't think he'd be a screamer, did ya?"

Trowa shook his head as his fingers prodded deeper, brushing against a spot that produced a loud moan from Duo himself.

"No, though you're not exactly quiet yourself."

Duo smirked and began to coat Trowa's shaft with the slippery gel, shaking in anticipation as he positioned himself above the throbbing organ.

"Yeah, but you'd expect that of me."

Gasping for air, Duo pushed down slowly upon Trowa, his entrance stretching to accommodate the taller boy's length as it filled him. Trowa's hands rested on Duo's hip, helping to hold him steady, working hard at resisting the urge to thrust up into the incredible tightness that was gradually enveloping him.

"Oh My God..."

Duo's voice was barely a whisper as he settled down fully on Trowa, waiting a moment to adjust, before pulling up again. The movements started out slow, but quickly picked up the pace as the braided boy began riding his lover for all he was worth. It was all Trowa could do to keep up, bouncing his hips in time with Duo's as he repeatedly slammed into his tight ass.

"Harder... Faster... More..."

As Duo and Trowa spoke in muffled moans of ecstasy, the couple beside them was making more noise than they had normally thought possible of them. Quatre was almost wailing as he wrapped his legs around Wufei's back, the Chinese boy pumping in and out as he stroked the blonde's length in matched rhythm. Wufei himself whimpered loudly with each thrust. The only time the two seemed to quiet down was when their mouths met in rough kisses, teeth and tongue meeting one another in a passionate clash.

The bed banged against the wall as the four boys rocked against each other. Trowa's hand slid off Duo's hip to wrap around his cock as he felt himself reaching the edge, determined to make sure his braided lover found his completion before releasing his own. Suddenly, Duo fell forward, locking lips with Trowa while he spilled his seed between them, his body continuing it's riding motions as his muscles contracted around his lover's length. Trowa came immediately afterwards, Duo's name falling from his lips as the couple slowly stilled, exhausted.


The noise pierced their ears as Quatre's voice rang out, thick cream pouring out over his stomach as Wufei pressed into him twice more before collapsing onto the little blonde. The two rolled, pulling Quatre on top as they moved closer to Duo and Trowa, planting kisses upon the other couples lips while they settled themselves in the center of the bed.

"Damn, Quat, you scream loud enough to wake the dead!"

Quatre turned to glare at Duo, not finding a suitable reply before Trowa spoke as well.

"Actually, I'm surprised you didn't wake Heero."

The little blonde's face went red with embarrassment at that thought. The idea of Heero coming in to stop the commotion and finding them in this position just didn't sit well in his book of etiquette.

"I think if he had heard us, we would've know by now."

Duo nodded in agreement to Wufei, then considered another option.

"Do you think he'd ever join us?"


Across the hall, Heero rolled over in bed, his drunken slumber blocking out the noise that normally would have woken him up within seconds. In his dream, he did things he could never imagine actually doing, while his body trembled, molten heat pooling in his groin. Trowa's mouth Wufei's hands... Quatre's tongue... and Duo's... Heero shivered at the thought of that tight ass surrounding him.

If only it wasn't a dream...

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