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Yomi's Room
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*~*You walk through the door and walk into a very dark room. It seems as though its a cave, and it is. There is little light in the room and you have to inch along the wall. You finally find a small light switch and turn it on. A small, dim light goes on overhead, giving you just enough light to see. You gasp in surprise to see a female Troyant sitting in front of you. After a few moments silence she finally speaks in a quiet, mysterious voice*~* "Welcome stranger... To my den." *~*She inclines her head slightly in a greeting*~* "I am Yomi. You probably won't find much of anything in here. I make sure to keep it hidden..." *~* She gives you a large smile, showing off her many sharp fangs*~* "But if you must you may look around. Please turn off the light when your finished." *~*She shakes her head slightly and mumbles something to herself as she walks out of her den, leaving you to explore*~*

*~*You look around the room as soon as you can't hear Yomi's claws clicking on the floor outside the room. As you look around you actually find a few things of interest, a peice of paper hanging on the wall, some hand~drawn pictures, some hanging and some not. You decide to stay and see what else you can find*~*

*~*Explore Yomi's Den*~*

The paper on the floor...

The corner....