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Jedzia's Room
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*After walking through the basement you reach a door. Upon it you see the letters:

**Jedzia's Room**

*You slowly open the door and look inside. The room is nothing like you expected to see. It's farily small with lot's of items around the area. In the corner is her bed and beside it is a large desk with papers covered in writing and pictures. In another corner is a computer that is currently on although you can't see what is on the screne. Beside the computer is a door, probably her closet, and upon it it says: "No entry". *You shake your head and turn to look the other way. There's a large tv with a playstation hooked up to it but both are currently off. Beside it is a bookshelf filled with many fantasy books by only a select few authors. Beside the bookshelf is a chair where Jedzia sits, currently reading a book. She looks up at you and smiles* "Ah! I see you have made it to my room, welcome!" *She places the book down and get's up* "You may explore everywhere but if you may, please don't enter my closet. It's not a very pretty site." *She grins and nods to you then exits, but leavs the door open*

**Explore Jedzia's Room**

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