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*You walk through the dark woods, the sounds of woodland creatures all around you. You hear a wolf howl then you enter a large clearing. In the middle of it is a large, but homely cottage. The place seems deserted as you near it. Suddenly the door opens and a young woman steps out. Her hair is long and silver and her eyes shine a bright baby blue. She wears a warm smile upon her face* "Welcome." *She says in a beautiful voice* "Do come in." *She backs off, jesturing inside for you to follow. You nod and follow her inside. The room is large and a fire is blazing to your right. There's a smell of fresh baking and the woman leads you to a chair* "Hello. I am Jedzia and this is my home." *She walks out then back in with a large tray of cookies* "Here." *She offers some to you* "Please feel free to look around and visit my pets. Their rooms are upstairs. In the basement is my room where you can learn about me." *She gives a final nod before turning and leaving*


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