Crystal Cloud Weyr


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This is what happened, not long ago in Crystal Cloud Weyr...

"Well, I suppose I should tell you what the weyr was like at first." She gave a smile and looked around. "Actually, it was a very beautiful, well-kept place with the sounds of birds and flits everywhere. I'd have to say the dragon poupulation was at least 100 dragons, if not more. There were almost twice as many people, holders, harpers, healers, candidates and others included. I was one of the candidates, and have been for a while now here, though I never seemed to impress." She paused, thinking for a moment. "I guess all the problems started when golden Hilenkth rose; the queen on the sands, that's her. Anyways, at the same moment the Jr. Queen was ready to rise also so you can guess what happened there. First, the two started fighting as both rose at total opposite ends of the weyr. At first I guess it was ok, I didn't know about them yet, but then they crossed paths; neither rider knew another dragon was rising." She sighed and shook her head, remembering the moment. "I happened to be where the two colided, mid air in a furry of teeth and claws. Of course, not only the two golds were fighting, but also the dozens of bronzes, browns and the few blues that were participating. Every so often you'd see a dragon fall from the sky, dead, and their riders crying out in anguish. Soon it was just the two queens up there, both furious." She took a short break, finding the memory hard to bear with for a while. "Well, eventually the Jr. Queen fell to her death, though Hilenkth was badly hurt. I guess the weyr fell apart after that. The headwoman left, finding it not safe and the healers couldn't help the dragons in the fight, almost all the males were wiped out. The riders of dead dragons were killing themselves everywhere and the green riders fled to other, safer places. The Weyrwoman was in grief, for her weyrmate was killed in the fight and she felt responsible. Though the flight's weren't finished somehow Hilenkth got egg heavy even after her rider killed herself." A tear fell, she was shaking her head at the thought. "As a good queen should, Hilenkth stayed even after her rider left to hatch the clutch and I don't see a gold. If there isn't one hatched, the weyr is dead......"

This is on account of Delia, the only one left after the tragedy. It will be updated shortly.