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Terror Birds - Large raptor like birds, they can grow up to 5 feet tall from floor to shoulder and in the wild are vicious predators. Females are Gray or White, and males are any color of Brown or Black. They walk on two legs and they can fly but only for short times. On the tips of their wings are tiny claws. They have strong hook-like raptor beaks and their powerful kick can disembowel their prey. Terror Birds that are hatched and cared for by humans. They are impressiable.

Firelizard (flit) -The name for modern firelizards descended from the mentasynth enhanced dragonets that were bioengineered by Kitti Ping before she went on the engineer the dragons. They have pentadactyl claws and are leaner and have flatter noses then the old dragonets. Flits can send pictures and images as communication. They also chirp. Flits come in the same color as dragons.

Runners - These are basically like the horses of earth. They are built larger though, and mainly for ploughing fields. There are a few breeds though, made for riding and these are the ones that pernese people use as pets. They come in a variety of colors, black, white, roan, bay, chestnut, grey or painted. There are also many various markings that they can have, star', stripe, blaze, white face, snip, dorsal stripe, or dappled. Both mares and stalions come in all colors and any color can have any marking, or a mix of them. They are great for riding and can carry anything as long as it's not too heavy.

Canines - Canines, other wise known to you as dogs. Like Runners, they can come in many different colors, and have numerous more markings that can be anywhere upon their bodys. Most grow up to be about one fourth of a regular human's height and make the best companions. ((Other than dragon's and flits)) They have many different temperments and the wild ones can be vecious, especially when pregnant or nursing pups. If rasied from a pup they will live for a while, never leaving your side.

Felines - Felines are also known as cats, though they can grow as big as a canine. They are more hostile than canines, and aren't exactly tameable, though I'ver head of a few as pets. They travel in large groups and usually attack anyone traveling alone in the forest where they live. If, by the rare chance, you impress one, it would only be from birth, or a very young age. They come in the same variety of colors and markings as Canines but seem to be more in the red, brown and black colors, with the rare few a twany or white coloration. Their life expectancy can be from 25 to 50 turns, and basically depends on the parents and blood line.

Canine/Feline LItters

Impressed Flits

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