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The Other Door...
Chizopet's Pets

*As you look around the room you notice another door that you didn't see before. Curious, you walk towards it and notice a sign which reads:

~*Quiet! Baby resting*~

Enter with care

*You read the sign a few times before opening the door quietly and enter. The room is much smaller than the main one and is painted in light colors, though you see no pinks. The walls are decorated in child~like things. In one corner is a large bed of soft grass, straw and hey. Upon it rest a small halloween Krinket, fast asleep. The little Krinket is partially hiden, a large and wam blanket covering her. You look around the room and notice yet another bed of straw, this one holding a young golden Krinket. This krinket is also asleep and is covered by a smaller blanket. You look around one more time and shrug, there's nothing of intrest her. You turn around and exit the room*



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