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Shinzu's Closet
Chizopet's Pets

*You slowly walk towards Shinzu's closet, your going against his warning but your so curious.... You slowly reach towards the handle and turn it slowly. Pulling it forward you hear the squeeking of the rusty hinges that sound as if they haven't been used for a very long time. You hear a rumbeling sound and a slight gasp escapes your lips. Before you can close the door a huge pile of clothes, books, papers and mess* *The door to his room opens and Shinzu sticks his head in then shakes his head* "What did I tell you... Please clean this up before you do anything else. He shakes his head again then closes the door* *You groan quietly then slowly clamber out of the mess. You quickly begin to shove the mess back in the closet, finally mannaging to shove the door closed. You wipe your brow when you finish and walk away; well... you learned the hard way!*

Shinzu's Room