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These are jedzia_dax's rp charries

Name: Delia
Age: 16 turns
Gender: Female
Rank: Candidate
Personality: Delia is a very outgoing girl, loving the crowds and meeting new friends. She especially enjoys the company of creatures, mostly max, her canine. When faced with problems she usually tries to work them out though makes sure that everyone around is involved in some way. A great friend but a very bad enimy. You don't want to make this girl upset as she holds grudges for a long time.
Pets: A black and white Canine Max
Dragon: Crystal Soneth
Prefrence: Hetro
Rp'd by: jedzia_dax

Name: Jedzia
Age: 17 turns
Gender: Female
Rank: Candidate
Personality: Jedzia is a very quiet, anti-social person. She hates crowds and large groups. Even in small groups she doesn't feel comfortable, living alone for most of her life. She doesn't take kindly to any stranges as she enjoys the lonleness she has lived with. Though when faced with any animal the difference is immeadeate. She softens up and can actually smile at times, animals being one of her few passions; along with sketching.
Description: Jedzia is average in height, standing 5'5" and weighing around 115. She has long, silvery-blond hair that reaches her lower back and striking baby blue eyes. Her face is usual expressionless with a firm jaw and full lips. Her skin is fair, though tanned durring the summer moths and she has a fairly slender frame. She prefers to wear loose breeches and shirts and won't be caught in a skirt or dress, ever!
Pets: none
Dragon: Coral Soneth
Prefrence: Hetro
Rp'd by: jedzia_dax

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