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These are plushienoface's charries

Name: Edgetongue (Shortened to Edge)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Rank: Commoner / Street Dweller
Personality: She's shy when she first meets a person, mainly due to years of mistrust developed in her mostly unknown past. She eventually lets a person get to know her, and when you do know her, buy some earmuffs, because she's loud. Though shy at first, this shyness gives way to a friendly loving nature eventually.
Description: About 15 years old, Not even she knows her true age and birthdate, with short cropped brown hair. She has sparkling blue eyes and is most often seen in breeches and a shirt.
Pets: Clip, a bronze Flit
Preference: Hetro
Other: A strange accident happened to her when she was about 9, so she can't remember most of her past, only that her Flit Clip stood by her and still is near her. Sometimes her strange remarks cause people to believe that she is above the commoner mark, though she doesn;t believe it.
Rp'd by: plushienoface

Name: Delblade (Del)
Gender: Male
Rank: Thief
Personality: Mostly concerned with personal gain, he doesn't tend to interact. He's moody and tempremental.
Description: Strong, good looking except for a ragged scar that runs from underneath his eye to his neck below his ear, Jet black hair, a dark complextion and coal black eyes.
Pets: None
Preference: Narsocist
Rp'd by: plushienoface

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